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The Vatican and Animal Rights

Well, it really says explicitly in the opening pages of Genesis that the covenant is between God & every living creature.  Our stewardship is made clear and our "superiority" if one wants to believe that, exists only in our ability to protect our environment.   Remember that God brought the animals to Adam before he brought him Eve, and he had Adam name the animals.  Naming was a powerful act that established relationship and gave all animals a sacred place in our world.  I guess the Catholic leaders stopped referring to the scriptures when their egos became their spiritual authority.

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Now that many of you have read the Pope's teaching about animals directly from the source, I feel I can now say how I think and feel about what he wrote:

UGH! Darker than the Dark Ages! So out of touch with the reality of the marvelous forms of life that surround us, EACH WITH THEIR OWN, IMMORTAL SOUL! He needs to read Romans, Chapter 8:18-25. The NRSV, (New Revised Standard Version, which is accepted ecumenically: that includes RC's!) of the Bible, has marvelous footnotes about these verses. The words all in caps. are the words written in the Bible itself: (they are actually in lower-case italics, but I don't now how to change the font to italics.)

"8.18-25 18: The Christian life involves SUFFERINGS (especially in Paul's mission work), but the apostle rejoices in the sure hope of glory. 20: THE ONE WHO SUBJECTED CREATION: God (Genesis 3.17). 21: When human beings (in Christ) are fully restored to their true destiny, nature will also share in this release from BONDAGE TO DECAY and in the FREEDOM OF GLORY. 22-23: Nature is thought of as sharing in the stress, anxiety, and pain which we ourselves feel as we wait for the promised REDEMPTION. THE FIRST FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, the Spirit, already received, is an advanced installment of the full adoption we are yet to receive. OUR BODIES, as often in Paul, our 'selves', expressed bodily."

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