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What do the major religions say about veg*ism?
20 March 2013
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Buddhist - Buddhism
A Buddhist Perspective on Vegetarianism
A Buddhist View of Vegetarianism

Buddha (?563-483 BC) - vegetarian?

Buddhism and Vegetarianism
Buddha and Vegetarianism - the path to non-violence
(World Congress 1957)
Did Lord Buddha Countenance Meat-Eating?
(World Congress 1957)
Jon Wynne-Tyson on Buddha/Buddhism

Message from Buddhist Archbishop of Latvia
(World Congress 1957)
Vegetarianism and Vegetarians in Japan
(IVU News, 1998)

Christian - Christianity
Christian Vegetarian Association, USA
Christian Vegetarian Association UK
The Essenes (IVU News, 1996)
St.Clement of Alexandria
St.Basil (Bishop of Caesarea)
St. Jerome
St.John Chrysostom
St. Augustine
Christian and Western Literature C5th-C16th
- Howard Williams 1883
The Cathars
(11th - 13th Centuries)
St.Francis of Assisi (1181-1226)

Monasteries in the Middle Ages

Emanuel Swedenborg
John Wesley
(1703-1791) - Howard Williams 1883
Rev. William Cowherd
Rev.William Metcalfe
The Bible Christian Church
- Julia Twigg 1981
The Bible Christian Church (1809-1930)
- Derek Antrobus
Transatlantic Vegetarians (1817)
- Derek Antrobus, 2000
Rev. Henry S. Clubb
Ellen G. White (1827 - 1915)
- Co-Founder of Seventh Day Adventism
General William Booth
1847-1997 Vegetariansm - A Cause for Celebration
- religious origins of the Vegetarian Society UK (EVU News, 1997)
Rev. John Todd Ferrier (1855-1943)

Animal Minds and Human Morals
(book review) Comments on early Christian philosophy.
Christianity and Vegetarianism
Christianity : Jesus was a Vegetarian
(World Congress 1957)
Does meat consumption corrupt the Eucharist?

Ethics, Christianity and Vegetarianism
(European Congress 1997)
God Does Not Eat Meat
- read this book for free online
Honoring God�s Creation -FAQ
- Julia Twigg 1981
Peace and Goodwill to Men!
(World Congress 1957)
Religion & Vegetarianism / Are Christians Vegetarians?
(IVU News, 1996)
Serbian Orthodox Church - some observations

Seventh Day Adventism
- Julia Twigg 1981
The Cruelty and Wastefulness of Meat Eating
- a Quaker view (IVU News, 1998)
The Golden Age Must Return
- A Catholic's Views on Vegetarianism (World Congress 1965)
The Mass of Christ
(World Congress 1957)
The Misrepresentation of Jesus's Directives

The Order of the Cross
- Julia Twigg 1981
The Way of Jesus the Nazirene or "The Way vs. The Church"
- Essenes (World Congress 1996)
The Word of Wisdom: the forgotten verses - Vegetarianism and the Mormon Church
Was Christ a Vegetarian?

Was the apostle Paul a vegetarian?

Hindu / Hare Krishna / Sikh / Jain
Food for Life Global
Ahimsa, animal rights and spirituality (TVA)
A Report on the World Convention on Reverence for All Life, India, November 1997

Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Reverence for all Life (1999)

Bhagavan Sri Ramalia Maharishi's Views on Food
(World Congress 1957)
Currents of Vegetarianism and the Importance of Vegetarian Diet
(World Congress 1957)
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)
- includes writings on religion
Thakar Singh on the Karma of Vegetarianism

The Day I Saw a Meat-Eater
- Hinuduism Today 1994
The Spiritual Approach to Food
- Sri Aurobindo (World Congress 1957)
Vegerarian Food Relief in Orissa!
- Hare Krishna (IVU News 2000
Vegetarianism an Essential Key to Yoga
(World Congress 1957)
World convention on reverence for all life - Pune, India 1997
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Hare Krishnas in War-Torn Russia
(EVU 1995)
(World Congress 1957)
Hinduism and Vegetarianism
(IVU News, March 2000)
Hinduism: Its Essence and Relationship to Vegetarianism
Hinduism (Saivaism)
(World Congress 1957)
Why Hindus Don't Eat Meat
(Himalayan Academy 1993)
How to Win an Argument with a Meat Eater
(Himalayan Academy 1993, Hindu)
The Hindu Attitude Towards Vegetarianism
(World Congress 1957)
A Jain Perspective on Veganism
Glimpse of the Fabulous Jains
(World Forum 1956)
Dietary code of practice amongst Jains
(WVC 2000)
(World Congress 1957)
(599-527 BC)
Teaching of Jainism
(World Congress 1957)
A Namdhari Sikh's Testimony
(World Congress 1957)
Message from Spiritual Head of Namdhari Sect of Sikhs
(World Congress 1957)
Sikhism (Namdhari)
(World Congress 1957)

Jewish - Judaism
Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Free Email Course On Judaism And Vegetarianism (EVU News, 1999)
Hebrew Religion of Israel
(World Congress 1957)
Is there a basis in Jewish Ethics for Mandatory Veganism or a Humane Farm Animal Diet
- Phineas E. Leahey 2003
Jewish philosophy of vegetarianism
(EVU News, 1997)
Jewish Vegetarians Urge Rabbis To Rethink Jewish Diets
(EVU News, 1999)
Judaism and Vegetarianism
- Ted Altar 1994
Maimonedes (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon)
The Vision of Eden: Animal Welfare and Vegetarianism in Jewish Law and Mysticism
(book review 2003)

Muslim - Islam
Feasts of the Prophet - Vegetarianism in Islam (TVA 1996)
(World Congress 1957)
Islamic duty of compassion towards animals
(IVU News, 1996)
(World Congress 1957)

Others - General
Kabir's Call to Compassion (World Congress 1957)
"Master" (Mazdanan)
(World Forum 1947)
- Julia Twigg 1981
Native Americans and Vegetarianism
Orphic Communities
(c540 BC - ?)
(?580-?500 BC) and the Pythagoreans
Zoroaster / Zarathustra
(World Congress 1957)
Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism and the World's Religions
by Rynn Berry (book review)
Food of the Gods
- brief summaries of several religions VSUK 1992
In Indian and Other Religions - a historical survey
(World Congress 1957)
In the Ancient Mysteries
(World Congress 1957)
Religion and Vegetarianism 2
some Jewish and Indian perspectives (IVU News, 1996)
Religious and Spiritual Links in England - 1947-1981
- Julia Twigg 1981
Religious Connections in England - 1914-1939
- Julia Twigg 1981
Religious Considerations
(World Congress 1957)
Review of Berry's "Famous Vegetarians"

The Unity of the Spiritual and the Scientific Values in Vegetarianism
(World Congress 1957)
Vegetarian Blessings
(World Congress 1957)
Vegetarianism Transcendent
(World Congress 1957)

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