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Rev. George Malkmus Preaches Vegetarianism

He preaches vegetarianism Minister says regimen helped cure his cancer Stressing the wisdom of a diet of raw vegetables and fruits, the Rev. George Malkmus delivers a message of health through natural foods.

On Monday, he will share the experience that changed his life when he speaks at the monthly Eat for Life Vegetarian Fellowship dinner at First Baptist Church in Hickory.

Malkmus, a Baptist preacher for more than 30 years, combines the personal testimonial of his own recovery from colon cancer with his research into nutrition and biblical teachings to develop a case for a vegetarian diet composed primarily of raw foods, he said in a news release.

Nearly 30 years ago, at age 42, Malkmus was diagnosed with colon cancer shortly after his mother died of the disease, the release said. Rather than pursuing the same treatment that had failed his mother, he chose to follow a vegetarian diet composed largely of raw vegetables and fruits.

The new diet, along with exercise and other lifestyle changes, cured his cancer and offered him relief from a variety of other ailments, including high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, and severe sinus and allergy problems, the release said.
"It's an outstanding program, a good opportunity for people to address their health-care needs and take responsibility for them," Warren said. "The diet is biblically based and a vegan program, with no meat, poultry or fish.
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