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To Ministers ~ Alternatives to Releasing Balloons, Doves, Butterflies


Hello Revs

I'd imagine as ministers there are times when people tell you they'd like to honor their loved one(s) by releasing balloons, or butterflies, or doves into the air. I have found some links so we can all learn, and how to replace them with cruelty-free, animal-free, earth-friendly alternatives.

Releasing balloons is terrible for the environment, and balloons/pieces that return to the ground are often eaten by fish, birds, other wildlife, killing them. The release of doves puts these birds in immediate danger. The practice of releasing butterflies supports yet another exploitive industry whereby these beings' lives are cut short, all for a profit. I'd like to believe that unknowing celebrants would shun these *releases* and replace them with cruelty-free alternatives, once they know the truth.


Balloons and their Danger to Wildlife 

Stop Balloon Pollution and Danger

The Truth about BUTTERFLY and DOVE Releases

Replace Dove Release with Animal-Free Alternative ... such as using dove-shaped kites. The birds used for "dove releases" are usually homing pigeons who will fly for days without eating or resting in an attempt to reach their final destination. While some fly home safely, birds often lose their way, fall prey to raptors and other predators, or succumb to extreme weather conditions.

So ye of whatever faith ~ please feel free to share this info with others.

Thank you for weaving this information into your practice as ministers
... for the celebrants, for the animals, for the earth.

~Lois Baum

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