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First, kill all the prairie dogs

To Cull or Not to Cull...

To cull or not to cull. The answer depends on the nation, and its religious/moral view of animals. In the USA, culls are initiated and regulated by the US Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services. They are completely legal. The USDA has the authority to grant a license to cull virtually any species, or animal population. Culls are often approved based on exaggerated and inaccurate information that the animals to be culled are a public nuisance, are a dubious threat to health or pose a potential hazard to a human enterprise. With dominion, where mankind reigns supreme over animalkind, humans are rarely held accountable for their actions. The first option is to kill all the prairie dogs, without evaluating human responsibility or culpability. In India, The Wildlife Protection Act prohibits culls of entire populations of animals. It does not shift the blame for human corruption and profiteering onto helpless animals. The more enlightened view of Indian protective legislation may be attributed to the religious model of ahimsa, which grants equal compassion to ALL living beings. There is an understanding that man and animals co-exist with each other in a delicate balance, where mutual cooperation, not domination, is beneficial to all.

Culls in the USA

In the USA any animal may be culled. The USDA will grant a license to cull any population of animal, deemed necessary, by irrational and exaggerated fears. This killing of large numbers of animals is justified by the necessity clause of the Semitic religious concept of dominion. Dominion grants man god-like authority to kill and control animals. When individuals with an angry lynch mob mentality are bothered by a particular animal, a cull is declared.

Culls are a profit generating solution for a wide range of problems. Those who do the killing are paid to destroy animals who do not represent a threat and did not create the problem. In keeping with the mandate of dominion, the USDA has claimed its biblical right as the supreme judge and executioner over wildlife. Culls are initiated when a local jurisdiction has decided the wildlife in its midst is just too 'annoying', by individuals well versed in the cruel doctrine of dominion. Even the humble prairie dog is not free from the wrath of Wildlife Services.

First Kill All the Prairie Dogs:

It is difficult to imagine a more harmless creature than the prairie dog. They live peacefully in social colonies and harm no other creature, yet under the realm of dominion, they are a dreaded menace:

"Last month, high winds whipped top soil from the Fossil Creek Wetlands Natural Area in Fort Collins across an adjacent highway, creating a scene that looked like something out of the dust bowl of the 1930s. Now, Fort Collins officials say, they are going to have to kill prairie dogs on four of the city's 40 natural areas - or open spaces - in an effort to restore grasslands that will prevent the severe erosion." Denver Post

the dreaded enemy:

Using the human biased logic of dominion, Fort Collins, Colorado officials have determined that prairie dogs have caused the problem, while ignoring the reality that the dust bowls of the 1930's were not caused by prairie dogs and are to some extent a natural phenomenon. Funds will be paid to rid the area of the alleged menace and destroy these gentle, timid creatures who harm no one. If not an entirely natural event, it is most likely man who created the problem, by raising cattle for slaughter and profit, who consume much of the ground cover...With dominion a man made problem based on the cruelty of raising cattle for human consumption is blamed on the defenseless prairie dog:,_black-tailed.php?lb_v=7

an un-natural balance:

"The erosion has been so bad that according to city guidelines the prairie dogs must be removed and grassland restoration undertaken to promote the long-term viability of the habitat, said Bachand. The four sites affected are Prairie Dog Meadow Natural Area, Colina Mariposa Natural Area, Hazaleus Natural Area, and Fossil Creek Wetlands Natural Area. Bachand said that slightly less than 200 acres occupied by the prairie dogs will be fumigated: Colina Mariposa occupies 206 acres; the prairie dogs occupy 116 of those acres, and slightly less than 20 acres will be fumigated. Hazaleus is 163 acres; the prairie dog colony occupies 83 acres, and all the prairie dogs in the 83 acres will be killed. Prairie Dog Meadow has 84 acres; the prairie dogs occupy 33 acres, and 26 acres of those will be fumigated. Fossil Creek Wetlands is 220 acres; the prairie dogs occupy 94 acres, and prairie dogs in 70 of the acres will be killed. "It is important to be clear that we are trying to strike a balance between ensuring that there is a healthy grassland on these sites by not removing all the prairie dogs," Denver Post

It would seem that removing the inhabitants of an ecosystem would destroy, rather promote the long tern viability of that habitat. Logic aside, with dominion, a scapegoat must be found and so the peaceful, gentle prairie dog becomes the cause of a man made problem, resulting from human cruelty and greed. To further rationalize the slaughter of innocent prairie dogs, the claim is made that killing all the prairie dogs is an effort to establish natural balance. In dominion double speak, natural balance of an environment translates into freedom for the cattlemen to have enough grasslands to feed the herds they will slaughter.

With the language of dominion animals are not killed, they are mere rubbish to be disposed of, rather than sentient beings capable of suffering: "...the method of disposing of the prairie dogs is by dropping a toxic pellet into the burrows. When the pellets come in contact with the moisture in the burrows, they produce a gas that is toxic" Denver Post

In India The Wildlife Protection act prohibits culls of entire populations of animals. It does not shift the blame for human corruption and profiteering onto helpless animals. The more enlightened view of Indian protective legislation may be attributed to the religious model of ahimsa, which grants equal compassion to ALL living beings. There is an understanding that man and animals co-exist with each other in a delicate balance, where mutual cooperation, not domination, is beneficial to all:

The Great Goose Massacre:

The goose is another animal that has become a favored target in the USA and UK. Based on irrational claims from animal phobic citizens that geese pose a risk to human health, despite a lack of evidence, numerous culls have been carried out, Wildlife Services has granted permits to round-up and kill goose populations throughout the USA. The hit men designated to carry out the biblically righteous massacres, keeping with methods of terrorism: the killers arrive in the dark of night, during the season when geese are nesting and most vulnerable. Hiding their deeds from the public is essential, as they are afraid to face the disapproval of those whose moral understanding of compassion exceeds the cruel dictates of dominion and understand that Geese too have a right to live on this earth. Negative publicity is to be avoided at all that the killing may go on and be reimbursed.

the massacres:

Madison, Wisconsin: officials get federal OK to kill up to 350 geese in city parks

The geese to be removed from Madison parks will be herded by foot or by kayak into temporary corrals, then placed in crates for transport off site, said Carol Bannerman, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services, whose employees will do the work.

The adult geese will be taken to a licensed meat processor, where they will be killed and made into goose burgers for donation to area food pantries, she said. USDA staff euthanize the juvenile geese, or goslings, which are donated to wildlife sanctuaries or animal education facilities for feed for other animals, she said. The permit issued the city allows up to 350 Canada geese to be captured and killed, a number that includes adult and juvenile geese combined, according to the state Department of Natural Resources.

Bannerman said USDA Wildlife Services euthanized 24,000 geese in fiscal year 2009, the most recent data available.

Read more:

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

Then, on the night of July 4th (how ironic!), the police surrounded the park, and the USDA-hired goon squad came in and stuffed over 300 geese, mothers, babies, and fathers, into CO2 gas chambers, where they met an agonizing and excruciating death. The next morning revealed the extent of the massacre: not any graceful goose or gosling left alive in the park. They had been genocided. Norman Guberman for Goose Watch: "For the Love of the Geese in Prospect Park"

Desite heroic efforts by dedicated activists to protect geese from culling, culls have continued around the country, as there is no law in place to prevent them. When animal protection is based on dominion, animals are not protected. They are vulnerable to the dictates of inhumane policies, enforced by the law of the land and the bible.

The UK

"MORE than 150 geese that had been offered a home by Paul McCartney were killed over the weekend in a secret cull by a local authority, writes Marianne Macdonald. The clearance of 156 Canada geese from Battersea Park, south London, was carried out by Wandsworth Borough Council, which said the birds' excrement poisoned fish. But the slaughter has angered wildlife campaigners, who fear similar culls are planned for Hyde Park and St James's Park. Anita Brown, a spokeswoman for Bird Aid, said: 'The parks are partly for wildlife to live and develop, not to be slaughtered.' Wandsworth had been given an EC grant to help protect wildlife and she would be protesting to Brussels." The Independent

No matter that geese have been defecating for tens of thousands of years without risk, the logic of dominion must find an excuse to kill as well as a culprit. It is man with his many toxic chemicals that undoubtedly poisons the fish, but in the dominion hierarchy man is free of blame to do as he pleases with other animals. As usual, the terrorists of dominion came in the night to avoid scrutiny.

The Blackbird Problem

Though there have been no cases of disease born illnesses attributed to blackbirds, they remain a health hazard because they are alleged to interfere with the greed and cruelty of allowable slaughter of dominion. In the language of dominion blackbirds are a health hazard because the defecate and eat grain given to cattle who will be slaughtered for profit. Blackbirds have been defecating for tens of thousands of years without poisoning fish, as is alleged by the USDA. If this has resulted in poisoning fish, it is likely due to the fact that ranchers are poisoning blackbirds. .Due to the allegedly grave danger posed by blackbirds 4,000,000 were poisoned to death with approval by the USDA, granting ranchers the right to kill any bird populations that are a 'problem'.

Bye Bye Blackbird: USDA Admits Responsibility for Mass Bird Death; 4,000,000 Birds Killed in �09

20th January 2011

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) had admitted responsibility for the poisoning of thousands of birds, many of which were found dead on the ground and frozen in trees in Yankton, South Dakota on Monday. According to Truthout, the USDA�s Wildlife Services Program works with farmers to cull birds which often eat large quantities of agricultural feed and defecate on livestock and farm equipment. There�s even a name for this little-known government bird control program: Bye Bye Blackbird. In 2009 alone, the USDA killed more than 4,000,000 red-winged blackbirds, starlings, cowbirds and grackles. Pesticides are the weapon of choice; an avian poison called DRC-1339 was used in the Yankton case. Up to 5,000 birds were sprayed in neighboring Nebraska and somehow managed to make it to South Dakota before dying. The USDA stresses that this incident is in no way related to the mass bird deaths that have made headlines this year, most notably in Arkansas and Louisiana.

"Under the Bye Bye Blackbird program, farmers are allowed to kill any blackbirds, grackles and starlings deemed to be a health risk or damaging to the economy. Farmers often hire private contractors to do the dirty work. �Every winter, there�s massive and purposeful kills of these blackbirds,� Greg Butcher, director of bird conservation at the National Audubon Society told Truthout. Carol Bannerman, a spokeswoman for USDA Wildlife Services, dismisses the obvious animal cruelty implications of such killings. �It�s not that we have anything against starlings, but our charge is to help protect agriculture� and protect property and human health or safety,� she said. �And the fact is, in a lot of rural settings, people say, �It�s just birds, what�s the problem?��

It�s �just birds�� including some endangered ones. Ornithologists believe the mass killings may be reducing the number of the rare rusty blackbird, which roosts with more common varieties of blackbirds. With private contract killers not required to keep tabs of how many birds they kill, the rusty blackbird could be in serious danger."

Some TV news programs reported mysterious deaths of thousands of blackbirds dropping from the sky, stating there was no known cause. There is no mystery. The blackbirds were killed by dominion. With dominion at the helm, there is no recognition of a natural balance or that all creatures in a given habitat are there for a purpose to serve and complement each others needs. Only human need is considered. There is no recognition that the blackbirds inhabited the land long before man did. Nor is there any and also have a right to exist.

Wild Horse Round-ups

"November 28, 2006 � Thousands more horses to be rounded up in 2007

"November 28, 2006 � Thousands more horses to be rounded up in 2007 The Bureau of Land Management has issued its 2007 Round-Up Schedule. Close to 7,000 horse and burros will be captured, further threatening the genetic viability of our wild herds. The absolute minimum estimated cost of these round-ups and annual containment of the captured horses exceeds 15 million of our tax-dollars.

Of immediate concern is the plan to zero out horses and burros from yet more Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in Southern Nevada, leaving less than 100 horses on over 1 million acres. After this latest round, BLM will have zeroed out horses from 6 out of 9 HMAs in the area. A total of 4 HMAs will also have lost their entire burro populations. Cold Creek near Las Vegas is of particular interest, as it was the site of a mystery helicopter round-up last summer. About 200 horses are feared gone, yet BLM denies any horses were taken. Officials have failed to investigate the matter, despite repeated pleas by concerned residents who witnessed most of this beloved herd being hauled away to an uncertain fate." Wild Horse Preservation

February 21 - BLM and National Cattlemen's Beef Association partner to dispose of wild horses

In what could be its most absurd and cynical move yet, the Bureau of Land Management is partnering with the National Cattlemen�s Beef Association, the American Sheep Industry and the Association of National Grasslands (represented by the Public Lands Council), in a campaign that promotes the purchase of wild horses and burros by public lands ranchers.

The very people who lobby tirelessly to remove wild horses from our public lands at taxpayers� expense are now urged to purchase these same horses at bargain basement prices. Ranchers did not want to share their public land allotments with these horses in the first place; do we really think they are now going to let them graze these same allotments out of the goodness of their hearts? Who better than the National Cattlemen�s Beef Association to funnel wild horses to slaughter? In fact, it is interesting that this announcement should come on the heels of the USDA's decision to allow horse slaughter to continue despite Congress overwhelmingly passing an amendment banning such practice for one fiscal year; the horse slaughter ban was vehemently opposed by the National Cattlemen�s Beef Association.

How sinister! The horses and burros are to be rounded up, then sold for slaughter. In the language of dominion, land management and stewardship of the wild horse and burro population easily translates into slaughter. The horses and burros who have inhabited this land for thousands of years have become yet another source of income for greedy ranchers, who are not content with the billions they take in from cattle slaughter. The legal round-up will solve two problems for the ranchers: rid them of a perceived nuisance that the the rightful inhabitants of this land are eating grass which could be used by the animals they will slaughter, then increase profit by sending the horses to slaughter. There is no limit to the ingenuity of those well versed in the meaning of man's dominion over the animals...There is no understanding that the horses they will slaughter do not exist to benefit man, but to live in harmony with nature.

Other Animals Culled/USA

culling bambi

Deer are regularly culled with the excuse that thinning the herd produces healthier animals, who can then be hunted down by those who seek the thrill of the kill. This can all be done legally as the USDA has specified dates for open hunting seasons. The hunting seasons gets longer as the profits from killing deer increases. The morality of killing innocent animals is never challenged by government officials, as it is allowed by dominion.

never cry wolf

When an intelligent and sociable animal such as the wolf competes with humans by killing an occasional cow or sheep destined for slaughter dominion justifies eliminating some/all wolves. This benefits, not only ranchers, but the Idaho Fish and Game Department with increased income from hunting licenses. Though wolves are generally admired and respected in movies such as 'Never Cry Wolf'. With the dual message of dominion: compassion alongside of sanctified abuse, it is possible to revere and respect an animal, then cull that same animal. There is no contradiction.

"Speak Out Against Idaho's Disgraceful Wolf Bloodbath

When Congress passed a federal budget rider that delisted Western gray wolves from Endangered Species Act protections, it opened the floodgates to wholesale slaughter. Idaho�s proposed 2011 Wolf Hunting Season is a statewide bloodbath, with killing permitted both "in and out of hunting season," the Idaho Fish and Game Department promises. Now that "management" of Western gray wolves rests with state agencies, it seems that no plan is too violent or greedy." Kinship Circle

While the particular instance of a wolf cull in Idaho is addressed by this alert, there are no laws in place to ban such wanton destruction of wildlife. With dominion the abuse/slaughter of entire communities of animals is allowed in one instance, but may be banned in another. There is no sound foundation for universal compassion. The culling of animals falls within the biblical mandate of proper stewardship: the managing of ones resources. The definition of management within the context of dominion, of animals as human property, is the underlying cause for all culls carried out in the name of human convenience and greed.

Given the proper human centric justification any animal may become the target of a legally licensed cull, egged on by cruelty, greed and dominion: man's right to inspire dread and fear over the animal kingdom:

'Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. The fear and dread of you shall rest on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the air, on everything that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.' Old Testament

No Culls In India

In India no animal is culled, as this is prohibited by the Wildlife Protection ACT of India, which is based on the more compassionate religious view which considers the lives of animals and humans as equally precious. The religious value of ahimsa states that violence to ALL living beings is gratuitous and is unjustifiable.

Religion Matters: Monkeys in India

It really does make a difference when religion teaches compassion...Monkeys live among humans in India. They are very mischievous, often stealing food and destroying property. A couple of monkeys broke into Parliament, rummaging through desks for food. They were not harmed. The Indians banned their export abroad, so they would not be harmed in laboratories... There is enough darkness in the world...we do not need religion to promote any more cruelty and violence...Almost every animal fares better in India, than in the USA. They do not have wildlife culls.

an Indian coconut vendor sharing with a nearby monkey (click to enlarge).

Though materially poor, the humble coconut vendor, pictured above, has greater spiritual awareness than the mighty religious leaders who piously endorse dominion. Animals activists should look to the light, not follow religious leaders and cruel traditions into the darkness...

In India The Wildlife Protection act prohibits culls of entire populations of animals. It does not shift the blame for human corruption and profiteering onto helpless animals. The more enlightened view of Indian protective legislation may be attributed to the religious model of ahimsa, which grants equal compassion to ALL living beings. There is an understanding that man and animals co-exist with each other in a delicate balance, where mutual cooperation, not domination, is beneficial to all:

"In Judaism, one who is unnecessarily cruel to animals cannot be regarded as a righteous individual." Prof Richard Schwartz

Implied: He who is of necessity cruel to animals can be regarded as a righteous individual.

ALL three of the Semitic religions endorse disingenuous compassion for animals based on human need, not the sanctity of animal lives.

It is necessary to BOYCOTT religions that sanctify righteous cruelty!

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