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Tell the World about Jainism

Tell the World about Jainism

Jainism is the only religion of the world, where vegetarianism is a compulsorily thing for its followers. Jainism can bring peace to the world. It can eradicate poverty from the world. It can stop cruelty to human beings and animals. It can bring peace of mind.

I think Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest Jain of this era. He followed Jain way in his personal and political life, which lead India to get her freedom.

I am promoting the Jain way of life personally, but I think that it is time for like-minded people to come together and tell the world about Jainism

Let us tell the world about Jainism.

Many have joined this cause at Face Book, we need you too! Join today at:

http://apps. facebook. com/causes/ 260091/56797290? m=cc366e79

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