December 20, 2006 -- The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization issued a stunning report about global warming on November 29th that a large number of people throughout the world need to know about, says Arthur Poletti, author of "God Does Not Eat Meat."

God Does Not Eat Meat
Some of the highlights of that report are as follows:

Livestock production is at the heart of almost every environmental catastrophe: rain forest destruction, spreading deserts, loss of fresh water, air and water pollution, acid rain and soil erosion and is also responsible for:

- More climate change gases than all the motor vehicles in the world
- 70 percent of the Amazon deforestation
- 64 percent of all the acid rain-producing ammonia
- 15 out of the 24 vast global ecosystems that are in decline can be attributed to livestock

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"Those who believe in God and believe in the words that were written in the old testament of the first Hebrew Bible posted at, which reveals God's first commission on the sixth day of creation, when God had created everything including land animals and humans, and those who read and consider the merits of the following information, will understand why God -- who is the supreme symbol of kindness, life and love -- unequivocally wants factory farms and slaughterhouses to close," Poletti says.

"It is doubtful that any civilization in history has ever been nearly as cruel as America is now to its animals. Completely unnecessary massacres that would probably not happen on the Planet of the Apes are running rampant in our so-called modern, cultured, compassionate society. What does this say about the greatness and moral progress in America?" Poletti asks.

Poletti's short story "God Does Not Eat Meat" can be read for free online at:
"My goal is to inspire people to protect the sanctity of life for all of God's precious creatures on the face of the Earth," Poletti says.

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