Jan 2015 by Ruth Eisenbud

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, a giant in psychology and psychotherapy, declared in 1942: "The Christian Church should put ashes on her head and rend her garments on account of the guilt of her children. The shadow of their guilt has fallen on her as much as upon Europe, the mother of monsters."

But was Jung only referring to the horrors of WWII? Definitely not! He viewed Christian dogma and especially its practices, as racist, intolerant, dictatorial and imperialist, and his conclusion and suggestion for treatment was clear:

"We are therefore forced to go back to pre-Christian and non-Christian conceptions and to conclude that Western man does not possess the monopoly of human wisdom and that the white race is not a species of 'Homo sapiens' specially favored by God…"

Dear Bill Press
On this mornings show you glibly mentioned that Christianity has outgrown its violent nature. The evidence indicates that this is far from true.

Christian Terrorism - Christian Hypocrisy

The sheer arrogance of progressive journalists is numbing. In this latest terrorist attack in France by two men claiming affiliation with Islam, the white Christian media is oh so smug. When questioned about the history of Christianity - they righteously note, yes Christianity was once violent, but has outgrown it.

The terrorist who killed 72 young adults with a promising future, did so in the name of Christianity. Christians marching across  Africa coercing followers of indigenous religions to be saved by Jesus is another example of Christian disrespect. exclusivity and dominion. The modern day crusades into Islamic nations such as Iraq and Afghanistan, disguised as an effort to liberate the population, is nothing less than a effort to convert the heathens. Soon after the military arrives... the Christian 'aid workers' arrive with their bibles. The US military and Christianity are one and the same. Soldiers serving in Afghanistan are forced to attend Christian prayer services. Failure to do so could easily be a death sentence during a battle.

The myth that Christianity has outgrown its violent nature is particularly pernicious. It allows the violence to continue under the cover of a false image. The following article by Andre Vltchek illustrates that Christian terrorism is alive and thriving here and now.

The intrinsically sadistic, violent roots of Christianity are intelligently discussed discussed in a classic article by Sir Bertrand Russell: Why I am not a Christian.

If white Christian nations had not invaded Muslim nations to exploit oil and convert the indigenous population, we would not be confronted by the counter terrorism of some individuals defending Islam.

The pretense of Christian benevolence is a tragic impediment to real progress towards a more just and fair world. 

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