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The 2nd Annual "Do Unto Others" Animals and Religion Conference!

“Troubling Recognition: Seeing Animals, Seeing Ourselves

April 16, 2010

Chapman University, Orange, CA

    How are we disturbed into recognition?

    What is it like to see and be seen by other animals?

    How do religious and spiritual traditions help us to recognize the Other?

    How does the recognition of other animals enrich and disturb religious and spiritual traditions?

    Can we imagine ourselves through the eyes of another animal, and how does being seen change us and challenge philosophical, religious and spiritual categories?

The 2nd Annual “Do Unto Others” Conference invites scholarly, religious and activist reflection on the mutually transforming possibilities of seeing and being seen by other animals. Our keynote speaker is Paul Berry, longtime animal advocate and former CEO of Best Friends Animal Society.  The day will consist of presentations, panels and opportunities that enrich understanding and inform advocacy.

Registration will open in February.

For a preliminary schedule and other information, please go to: http://animalsreligion. org/conferences.htm

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The conference is sponsored by Interreligious Voices for Animal Compassion (IVAC)

Website: http://www.animals

Email: animalsandreligion@

Interreligious Voices for Animal Compassion promotes advocacy and compassionate living on behalf of animals by engaging with a variety of religious, ethical, philosophical, and spiritual perspectives, recognizing that religion and spirituality play a significant role in shaping how humans understand and treat other living beings.  Our goal is to engage the hearts and minds of people of faith, scholars, faith leaders, and activists on issues facing non-human animals in order to expand the circle of compassion beyond human beings, and to empower faithful action.

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