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Animal Theology Links

Links found while searching for animal theology tutorials. 
All Creatures Bible Study, Discussion, and Commentary: God, Christian, Jewish, 
Americans' attitudes toward animal testing and the moral rights of animals 
A New Creation - Sermon 
Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals 
Animal Rights & Islam 
Animal Rights Sound Bites For Conversations With Religious Christians 
Animals in Religion 
Animal Protection Institute - Religion and Animal Rights 
Animal Rights According To The Bible 
Animal Rights and Souls in the Eighteenth Century 
Animal Rights Sound Bites For Conversations With Religious Christians 
Animal Symbolism in Plains Indian Sun Dance 
Aquinas, Animal Rights and Christianity: Humane Religion Magazine Articles: Bi 
Archbishop Speaks Out for the Animals at Church Festivals 
Christian Animal Rights Effort(C.A.R.E.), justice, peace, love, compassion, ca 
Christian Religion and Vegetarian Resources 
Christian Vegetarian Association 
The Church of England's view on Animal Welfare 
Church Silence Promotes Violence 
Compassion Internet Christian Church - An on-line vegetarian / vegan Christian 
Compassionate Spirit 
D016 Stewardship: The Protection of Animals from Cruel Treatment 
Essenes, Essenic Studies, Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Essene history & more. 
Food for Life Global - the world's largest vegan/vegetarian food relief. 
Gods Nutritionist dot com 
Humane Religion Magazine Articles: Bible, love, compassion, peace, justice, se 
International Vegetarian Union - Religion and Vegetarianism affiliates/jainism/ahimsa/ahimsatx.htm 
Jainism Resource Center - Ahimsa 
Judaism and Vegetarianism 
Koran & Animal Rights 
Musings on Life, Spirituality, and more-Thoughts on Animal Husbandry and Human 
North American Indians: the spirituality of nature 
Powersource Art & Education Center - Objects of Power 
PSYETA - Animal Grace 
The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive 
Religious Thought about Animals 
Santeria and Animal Sacrifice 
Satya Mar '01: For Nonhuman Animals, Religion Stinks by Jack Rosenberger
Shamanism and Working With Animal Spirits - Books on Animals and Adventure 
Totem Animals 
Tufts Journal: Op Ed: Religion and animals 
UFETA - Unitarian Universalists for the Ehical Treatment of Animals 
The Universal Equalitarian Church 
The Universal Prayer Circle for Animals 
Vatican opinion on treatment of animals 
Julia White - Animal Walk 
Jim Willis - A Letter to the Human Race


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