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Regarding the comment - "Human being souls are made in the image of God and they live forever, they are everlasting. Animal souls are not made in the image of God, and we have no evidence that I can tell that they are everlasting."

Yes we do have Biblical evidence that animals will live forever!

Everything that Lives and Breaths IS a Soul. The Bible states that both man (Genesis 2:7) and animals (Genesis 1:30; 6:17; 7:15,22) have the same breath of life (this word in Hebrew is Nephesh). i.e. "In His Hand is the Soul of every living thing and the breath of every human being." Job 12:10.

* If animals are not Souls, then why is the exact same word (nephesh) used for both man and animal?

* If animals are not Souls, they why do they have the capacity for sentience just as humans do?

In Revelation 5:8-13, all Creatures recognize Jesus as the Savior of the world and praise GOD right along with redeemed men.

In Psalm 145:-9-10,13,15-21, GOD loves all His Creation and has made plans for all His children and the lesser creatures to enjoy His eternal Kingdom.

Romans 8:19 says that the lesser creatures await Christ's return to redeem the sons of God so they, too, will be released from physical death to eternal life.

Romans 8:21-22 says: "Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of GOD, for we know that the whole Creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now."

"Search in the LORD's book of living creatures and read what it says. Not one of these creatures will be missing and not one will be without it's mate. The LORD has commanded it to be so, He Himself will bring them together. It is the LORD who will divide the land among them and give each of them a share. They will live in the land age after age, and it will belong to them for ever." Isaiah 34:16- 17.

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