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Animal Advocacy and Islam

August 2011

Nadeem Haque : The Qur'an contains numerous passages that directly relate to the welfare of nature, with the human being as custodian and representative of a non-anthropomorphic creator and originator of the universe that evolved from the Big Bang.

In fact, four very clear principles emerge, which are termed "Ecognitions", in a recent journal article by 'Quranic Philosopher' Nadeem Haque. It is argued that these form the foundations of animal advocacy and welfare in Islam.

But what exactly are these principles and do they have the capacity to resolve our mutlifarious non-human animal issues in the 21 century and beyond? ...*)

Quote:... Each human will be held individually accountable, after death, for individual actions. The human animal's treatment of nonhuman animals and nature will be judged on par with the treatment of our fellow human beings..*)

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