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New Haven? Oh, that's the city that (now) has an Indian-owned vegan kosher-supervised natural foods restaurant. With table service.

That special combination -- and it is special, outside of New York's Curry Hill district -- can be found at the corner of New Haven's Chapel and Howe streets, where Sudhir and Anita Shah and their son Nirav Shah have opened Ahimsa restaurant. (Sudhir and Nirav are pictured.)

Suffice it to say they have launched a unique restaurant: an elegant natural and raw foods sit-down eatery and adjoining cafe run by a family originally from India, cooking with no meat or eggs or dairy products, under kosher dietary supervision (by this rabbinical group).

Ahimsa began as a cafe, a daytime adjunct to the family's Imagin photo studio across from the Green. Then Nirav, a high-school senior, suggested expanding the eatery into a full-blown restaurant in a new location as a way to promote the family's spiritual and health values.
The Shah family follows Jainism, which puts an emphasis on "vegetarianism and Ahimsa." Click on the play arrow to watch and hear Sudhir Shah, who came to New Haven from India in 1978 to attend Yale School of Management, describe the process of preparing his new restaurant to meet kosher requirements, and what he learned about connections between his faith and Judaism.

full story: archives/2007/02/ahimsa_explaine.php

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