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The Silent Seers - Advent Poem

I have sent this poem out every mid-Advent. It would also make a great read for "HOLy Innocent's Day.
by J. Barrie Shepherd

Of all the witnesses
around that holy manger
perhaps it was the animals
who best knew what lay ahead.
For they had already
paced along the aching roads,
slept in the wet and hungry fields,
known the sharp sting of sticks
and thorns and curses,
of derisions and endured
the constant bruise of burdens
not their own,
and the way of His kind to use
and then discard rather than meet
and pay the debt of gratitude.
For them the future also held
the knacker's rope, the butcher's blade
the tearing of their bodies
for gracing a graceless race.
In the shadows of that stable,
might it be His warmest welcome
lay within their quiet comprehending gaze?

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