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Ten Commandments for Animals from Christian Teaching

Posted on Best Friend's "Animals and the Catholic Church" forum. They come basically from Leviticus & Deuteronomy.

1. An animal that falls down must be raised with the same care as if it were a human being.

2. While an animal works to tread out corn it may not be muzzled, but must be allowed to eat from the grain.

3. Animals of different species, like an ox and an ass, must not be yoked together for work. Since they have different strengths, it is cruel to force them to work together under one yoke.

4. Animals must be allowed to rest from working on the Sabbath, just as the owner has to rest.

5. We are not allowed to sit down to a meal before feeding our animals or pets.

6. We are not allowed to give an animal a heavier load than it can bear.

7. We are not allowed to hit an animal if it is not necessary.

8. We may not buy any animal or bird unless we can provide enough food for it.

9. Killing animals or birds for sport is forbidden.

10. In slaughtering animals or birds for food, we must try not to cause unnecessary pain. The Jewish laws of Shechitah are designed to keep animals from suffering when meat is prepared for eating.

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