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Why Hate America?

Why do Militant Muslim Extremists Hate America?

Militant Muslim Extremists do not hate Americans. Militant Muslim Extremists hate America. There is a difference.

Am I really that perceptive that I was able to predict a September, 2007 genocide, while those in the know had no clue? I highly doubt it. I believe that the evil people who have run America during the George Bush administration planned for this week's horror story. I knew that it would happen and predicted as much. They had to have known too.

By the way...I do not include George Bush to be among those evil men. It's my opinion that he's just an idiot. One day the man might even pronounce the word "nuclear" correctly. By supporting biological genocide against innocent Iraqi children as our administration has been proven to have done this week, is to hasten the horrifying future use of nuke-you-lah weapons by terrorists on American soil. Those people working in America's intelligence community no longer consider the word "if" when applied to a future terrorist operation in the United States. They use the word "when."

George Bush happens to be a nice guy. I believe that in my heart. He is also a fool. I believe that in my mind. If you seek to debate that conclusion with me, please do so after watching this pathetic nine-minute video. Note the five minute span, recorded live, after Mr. Bush has been told, "America is under attack."

<http://youtube. com/watch? v=VlgTE3y3MNc >

One only has to watch his nightly "presidential quotes" on the Late Show with David Letterman to come to the conclusion that this man is mentally deficient.

<http://youtube. com/watch? v=z8pvU1iyT3c >

...and finally, my favorite clip which should be used to disarm our enemies, as laughter is always the best medicine:

< com/watch? v=8Ux3DKxxFoM& NR=1 >

It is the Rumsfelds and Cheneys and Ashcrofts and Roves of this administration who have depleted American resources by getting us into the political mess that we are now in. These men represent the true evil.

On April 3, 2003, I predicted in a Notmilk newsletter:

http://health. com/group/ notmilk/message/ 1252

"Thousands of civilians may die from bombs and bullets, but millions will be affected by dirty water. After the first Gulf War, outbreaks of CHOLERA and malaria killed untold thousands of Iraqis. Millions of people became ill. This is Iraq's absolute destiny. ...As their infrastructure collapses, their rates of
disease and death will soar.

We will feed them, of course. We shall give them the genetically engineered grains that other nations refuse to purchase. We will feed them the surplus powder from cows who produced unwanted milk as a result of genetically engineered growth hormones. They will then fill their streams and reservoirs with body wastes that will pollute their own waters.

Waste treatment. Clean water. That's the key, and that will be the true tragedy of Iraq's near future. Filth carries lethal disease. Humanitarian aid will feed and clothe the people. There is not enough time, or clean water, or understanding, to deter the horror story that is about to be written in the desert."

I wrote the above paragraphs 53 months ago.

Yesterday (September 23, 2007) I read the two newspapers delivered to my driveway and searched the front sections of each, The New York Times and The North Jersey Record. Would either one or both papers report the Iraqi CHOLERA epidemic story that has become front page news in the world's newspapers?

The Record did not, although they did run a nice story about endangered sea turtles on page A-13.

The New York Times did not, although this newspaper which features "All the News That's Fit to Print" on its masthead also ran a similar story on endangered loggerhead turtles on page A-30.

Has America turned a blind eye to the CHOLERA epidemic which we as a nation have created? Or, have we become an endangered species of turtle, withdrawing our heads into impermeable shells so that true compassionate Americans cannot see or hear the pain of others?

On Saturday, September 22, 2007, Reuter's News reported:

"A case of cholera has been confirmed in southern Iraq, a senior health official said on Saturday, raising fears the virulent water-borne disease is spreading through the country...Cholera, mainly transmitted through contaminated water and food, can cause death within hours from dehydration and kidney failure. The U.N.'s World Health Organization (WHO) this week confirmed the first case of CHOLERA in Baghdad, a 25-year-old woman...Ill- equipped medical facilities and hospitals will hamper efforts to rein in the outbreak around Kirkuk in the north, which the WHO describes as an epidemic."

WHO estimates that 1500 cases of CHOLERA have already been confirmed north of Baghdad.

What has America done? Militant Muslims know the answer to that question. In 2003 when I predicted today's CHOLERA epidemic, George Bush called his war in Iraq a "crusade." That word he did pronounce correctly, so that there is no misunderstanding on the part of those who have declared war on the American way of life.

If your way of life changed so dramatically so that your toilet did not flush for more than 4 years, and you were cut off from a supply of fresh running water to bathe in or drink, and your friends and relatives were dying from a CHOLERA epidemic because smart bombs destroyed your water treatment plants and sanitation facilities, how much love would you have in your heart for the foreigners occupying your nation?

Might you then have within your spirit the spark to become a militant American extremist?

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com
i4crob(at)earthlink .net

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