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State Rep. Susan Tabor against Animal Law Web Site

State Rep. Susan Tabor, R-Eaton County, is lending her voice in opposition against an MSU-Detroit College of Law professor's animal law Web site, claiming it provides support to anti-hunting views.

The site, created by Professor David Favre, includes information about 120 statutes and 100 cases involving animal rights.

"I am surprised a representative of the people is willing to seek to censor information available on the Web and to not allow the exercises of free speech," Favre said.

However, the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance is glad to have received the support of Tabor, alliance Vice President Robert Sexton said.

"Tabor has been a sportsmen supporter since the day she got there," Sexton said. "We are glad to have her help and we are not surprised she agrees with us."

The alliance wants the site removed because it carries the MSU logo and provides information to animal rights groups which will use it to challenge animal rights in the court, Sexton said.

"MSU should not be involved in the debate over animal rights and providing legal resources is definitely getting involved," he said. -- One of the goals of the Animal Law Web Center is to provide access to laws from around the world.

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