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Steelman targets Brunner over contribution to animal rights group


Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Sarah Steelman launched an ad Monday
criticizing a contribution by rival John Brunner's family to an animal
rights organization.

The ad highlights a $10,000 contribution to the Humane Farming
Association from a foundation established by Brunner and his wife.

The narrator states: 'Brunner gave money to an extreme animal rights
groups that was founded to give farm animals rights. They worry about
their feelings. What's next? Therapy?'

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[Huffington Post - video at full story link]

A pair of Missouri Republican Senate candidates are in something of a barnyard fight over an ad that accuses one of them of donating to a farm animal rights group. The candidate, businessman John Brunner, calls the ad an attack on his family because the donation really came from his daughter.

The ad, aired by the campaign of state Treasurer Sarah Steelman, accuses Brunner of giving $10,000 to an "extreme animal rights group that was founded to give farm animals rights."

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