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Insanity Strikes Two North Dakota Legislators

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Insanity Strikes Two North Dakota Legislators

Vegans (such as myself) feel that killing cows in slaugherhouses is barbaric. One does not have to be  vegan to feel the same way about killing horses.  Everybody loves horses, and few Americans find the thought of eating horse to be a gourmet experience.

Representative Rod Froelich (D-Selfridge) and Senator Joe Miller, (R-Park River) have introduced North Dakota House Bill #1496 which will finance a $100,000 study to see if a horse slaughterhouse is viable in North Dakota.

North Dakota horses are now shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. Both nations consider horse meat to be a delicacy.

Representative Miller said:

"The point of the proposed legislation is to humanely dispose of those animals that have worn out their usefulness."

In other words, finish last ten races in a row at the Meadowlands racetrack, and a horse has earned a knife to the jugular.

Perhaps North Dakota should consider a slaughterhouse for members of the state assembly who have outlived their usefulness.

Sometimes I must pinch myself, hoping not to wake up in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Please let Senator Miller and Representative Froelich know that if either one runs on the same ticket with Sarah Palin in 2012, they are not getting your vote.

Senator Joe Miller
Telephone: 701-331-1491
E-mail: joetmiller@nd. gov

Representative Rod Froelich
Telephone: 701-422-3769
E-mail: rfroelich@nd. gov

I have no idea what the state motto of North Dakota is, but I know what it should be:

Populus caedo equi. (They Kill Horses).

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com


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