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Dear friends, animal lovers, animal rights activists, and environmentalists,

The link below will take you to the website of Dennis Kucinich, a vegan, animal rights activist, and environmentalist, and anti-war advocate who is running for (D) President in 2008! I am asking you to read his compassionate words about animals. I hope you will spread the word to other animal rights activists, and environmentalists, that if we can get this man in the White House, he will surely make the world a better place for animals, and save our planet.

Also below is the link to a yahoo group I urge you to join if you would like to help participate in an organized effort to help spread the word about Kucinich.

On his website, Dennis Kucinich says "I am working to put compassion into action in our policies with respect to animals in this country and to have America set a higher standard, not only for this country, but for the world; to make sure that all of God's creatures, that all animals are given a chance to have dignity in our society and are given a chance to experience the appreciation they should have as living beings... I would include advocacy of animal rights in the Department of Peace, which I have already proposed to Congress...As a member of Congress, I have cosponsored every piece of major animal protection legislation. "

I believe that his biggest challenge will be in the primaries. I also believe that if animal rights activists and environmentalists, as well as anti-war activists ban together, we can put this man in the White House. He needs exposure among our communities. If he wins the primaries, I think he will have a great chance of winning, because America is ready for a change. He was the ONLY Congressman who spoke out against the recent passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. He is our best chance to win back our constitutional right to free speech.

If you want to see an animal rights advocate/environmentalist in the White House, please spread the word and volunteer.

http://www.kucinich .us/issues/ rightsanimal. php VegansandEnvironmentalists4Kucinich2008

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