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Election news from THE GREEN PARTY

Greens launch animal protection elections campaign

"An Animal Protection Officer in every council, and an end to live transports"

Greens around the country are to press for an "Animal Protection Officer" in every council as part of their local election campaign, and a raft of packages to improve animal rights both at home and in Europe.

Their campaign follows the success of the Greater London Authority's "Animal Protection Officer" which Greens were instrumental in getting appointed after they were elected in 2000, and includes policies to end live transportation of animals, a ban of the use of primates in research labs, measures to protect farm animals and an end to imported fur.

Darren Johnson AM, Green Mayoral candidate and leader of the Greens on the London Assembly comments:
" We want real progress on animal protection. In this day and age, every local authority should have an "Animal Protection Officer" yet most do not.

He continues: "Greens helped to create this post in London, and it has been a real success. Now our city has free mobile veterinary services, a clamp down on trade in illegal bush-meats and someone to work with the police to combat wildlife crime.

"We want this success repeated in every local authority in the country, and throughout Europe."

Animal Protection Plan

The Green Party's wide-ranging Animal Protection Plan calls on local authorities to:

·  Promote "safe and healthy" food in schools and discourage factory farming
·  Say no to blood sports, fur trading and animal circuses
·  Preserve wild animal's habitats
·  Crack down on the inhumane "exotic pet" trade
·  Invest in ethical businesses

The Animal Protection Plan also includes an Animal Protection Officer's job description.

Darren Johnson concludes: "It is utterly wrong that animals should still endure daily pain and exploitation at the hands of humans.

"We intend to introduce Green, ethical policies throughout the country and put this avoidable animal suffering in the past where  it belongs."

He concluded "Greens will also fight for animal rights in Europe, building on the work done by our MEPs so far."

Notes to editors:

1. The Green Party has launched two reports for the elections, "Animal rights report" and "Animals and your local authority", both of which are available from, or from the Green Party Press Office.

Further information, interviews:

Green Party press office: 020 7561 0282


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