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Countries that give foreign aid!1pHHYX-ohQXtbM2OqAkNIvsw!942.entry 

Most Generous Country

I'll just list the top ten countries. Its measured against GDP (I think that's the correct terminology.)

Sweden 0.5

Denmark 0.48

Netherlands 0.45

Norway 0.4

France 0.23

Belgium 0.21

Swtzerland 0.21

Finland 0.19

U. K. 0.19

Austria 0.15

This is supposed to include both government and private aid, although I would think determining that would be quite complicated. It probably gives a good rough idea. If you were to ask anyone which country is the most generous, I'd imagine most would say their own. Unless you live in northern europe, it seems you are most likely wrong. Canada is number 12 at 0.14.

Another site has a chart comparing government spending on foreign aid. This does not include private aid, so I'm sure the numbers were much easier to arrive at.