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Email Addresses of the European Parliment

Hello everyone,

Every week (for the next 2 or 3) I will be posting important emails to send protests to. Today I am posting the list of emails of the European Parliament. About six months ago, I got all their emails and had many hundreds of people write them so as to put pressure on the Chinese government and/or outlaw the importation of their bloody fur into Europe.

I did get a couple of good replies from some of them who said they were animal lovers, and concerned about the fur issue, but I didn't pursue that campaign simply for lack of time. Perhaps we can re-start this as a group, passing it on to our friends and acquaintances, etc.

I think we should take advantage of PETA's new video's momentum to demand that the practice of dog/cat fur into Europe be outlawed immediately. At least five countries (that I know of) have banned it, so why can't the others do the same? I know the ideal is to ban all furs--but it is not going to happen simply because this is a multi-billion dollar industry, and money talks... So, we have to tackle the angles that are easier to break, and where we can get support: PET LOVERS who would never wear dead dog/cat around their necks!

Also, think about this! FUR users are a minority in the world, and we are letting them be like the tail wagging the dog. That's what we should remind politicians: The majority is against the use of fur, so why is it not outlawed?



This is the European Parliament website:

This was my second letter to all of them:

I am counting on your compassion and political influence in the European Community, to help enact some resolutions in order to protect the fur animals which are systematically skinned alive in farms of China, away from the eyes of unsuspecting consumers.

It is my belief that most consumers have no idea that they are a part of such gruesome practice. It is also my belief that governments all over the world have the moral obligation to inform their people about cases such as this industry of blood and shame so people can make a conscientious choice.

Politicians and organizations such as yours who have the power to negotiate economic, social and/or commercial agreements with China, should pursuade them to follow a more humane method of treating animals.

Therefore, I ask you to intercede on behalf of those poor animals, and I recommend:

1) A resolution, even if symbolic, where the European Parliament would publicly condemn, and declare as a hideous crime, the skinning of animals while they are still alive.

2) To enact laws that would request certificate on each fur item, proving its origin which in turn would require that these farms be certified to treat humanely those animals. That would include humanely euthanizing the animals so the animal would feel no pain absolutely.


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