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Animal Activists Disrupt Chris Christie Speech In Iowa

August 23, 2015

From Facebook

Direct Action Everywhere uploaded a new video.

BREAKING (ON MSNBC): ‪#‎DxE‬ activists in Iowa disrupted NJ Governor and leading presidential candidate Chris Christie at an important pre-caucus gathering. Christie is notorious for vetoing the recent gestation crate ban for tortured mother pigs, prosecuting the SHAC7, and being in the pocket of both AnimalAg and BigPharm.

One of the biggest supporters of animal abuse in the nation was forced to justify his actions. Big time shout out to our activists in Iowa, including Matt Johnson and Araceli Rodriguez!

Jane Velez-Mitchell with Governor Chris Christie and Wayne Hsiung at Iowa State Fair

BREAKING NEWS: ANIMAL ACTIVISTS with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) disrupt New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s speech at the Iowa State Fair and jump on the stage. Republican presidential hopeful Christie has faced massive criticism over his veto of a bill to ban pig gestation crates - a severe form of confinement for mother pigs - even though the overwhelming majority of New Jersey residents said they wanted to ban the cruel crates. Critics charge Christie vetoed the bill to curry favor with pork producers in Iowa, a key state in the Presidential race. Watch Christie's response to the protest. Do you think it's callous and heartless?

Coverage of the Christie disruption in USA Today, the AP, Bloomberg, and the largest newspapers in both Iowa AND New Jersey.

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