Submitted by "JacKie" from Indiana, taken from a widely circulated Internet email

We have sat by as this Administration:

has raided the national treasury and increased the trade deficit and national debt hundreds-fold; passed tax breaks for multi-million/ billionaires and is pushing for the elimination of the "death tax" that taxes the estates of the very wealthy.

doled out monies to religious-based organizations, thus muddying the waters of separation of Church and State, while stacking the courts with ultra-conservative judges who will issue opinions destroying progressive legislation and limiting our rights, for generations to come;

allowed Halliburton to cheat the American tax-payer of multi-millions of dollars with non-competitive bid contracts for services in Iraq;

is responsible for the wholesale slaughter and maiming of over 100,000 innocent Iraqi's, not to mention the @20,000 American servicemen and women whose lives have been destroyed both physically and psychologically by their experiences in this unconscionable war.

gotten rid of habeas corpus, the mainstay for hundreds of years of our legal justice system;

sold off public lands and opened up national treasures for exploitation;

allowed the invasion of 10's of millions of low-paid unskilled "alien", undocumented, workers who drain our treasury as they cash in on our educational, health care and other services while paying back minimal amounts, if any, in taxes, all in order to fatten the pockets of the agri-business industry while destroying our own middle class as they also export millions of jobs and services to 3rd world countries;

this in turn has helped to push the current population in the US to over 300,000 million, as we attempt to grapple with lack of affordable housing, no health insurance for millions, an increasing demand for jobs and services that put a drain on our resources and increase exploitation of people and "food"-animals.

destroyed the lives of millions of poverty-ridden people in third world countries, seeking information and aid against pregnancy by withholding funds for any programs that promote birth control;

thumbed their nose at a looming environmental disaster by dropping out of the Kyoto Agreement (Global Warming); the Geneva Convention (torture); dismantled our Constitution with the passing of the Patriot Acts and now on the horizon, AETA, labeling activists and advocates as terrorists and potentially having a chilling effect if not totally destroying our First Amendment rights;

and that is only the tip of the iceberg!

Have you forgotten Terri Schiavo? and governmental meddling in private family matters;

the increase in allowable amounts of arsenic and other pollutants in the water, as they lower safe standards to placate the petro-chemical and other waste producing industries;

the refusal to pass laws to help make us more energy efficient and not dependent on the oil wells of the Bush buddies in the Middle East; (are you wondering why gas prices have conveniently dropped just before elections?)

the dismantling of the bankruptcy laws as they fatten up the bank and credit industries;

the new laws limiting our rights to sue for medical malpractice, which protects the insurance industry, big time contributors to this Administration;

their attempts to privatize social security and at the same time destroying any possibility for minimum wage increases by attaching it to an onerous bill;

the failure to engage in diplomacy or to have any sort of meaningful foreign policy...thus leading to the present state of near-confrontation with Iran and North Korea;

the outright corruption of elected officials like Tom DeLay and all the other corporate raiders of public trust;

the failure to protect our cities in times of disasters like Katrina...(and what could we hope to expect if there were ever a major terrorist attack in a big city...but more death, turmoil and destruction) .

Oh the list does not end!!!...... .just my patience!

LIES, LIES and more doublespeak and manipulation of a dumb (literally and figuratively speaking) public and acquiescent, self-serving Congress than you could ever list in a single email!

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