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Anti-Dairy Politics in Australia

POLITICIANS from the two major parties have criticised Victoria's Australian of the Year Philip Wollen for his "odd views" on the dairy industry.

The vegan merchant banker-turned-philanthropist was awarded the 2007 title last year for his work through his Winsome Constance Kindness Trust.

Mr Wollen, who received an Order of Australia Medal in 2005, said the dairy industry was cruel and dairy products were "bad for human health, the atmosphere, and our dwindling water resources".

Labor's Martin Pakula and Liberal MP John Vogels united in a bipartisan barrage on Mr Wollen and joined federal Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran's call for Mr Wollen to apologise for his "absurd" comments about the dairy industry or give back his award.
Mr Wollen made the comments in support of Animal Liberation Victoria's Milk Sucks campaign, which urges Victorians to become vegans.

He said: "Apart from the cruelty inflicted on the cows and their calves, dairy products are bad for human health, the atmosphere, and our dwindling water resources.

"It takes as much water to grow one cow as it does to float a battleship . . . every unsuspecting consumer is subsidising the massive costs of a cruel, unnecessary and unsustainable industry."

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