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Google ranks a web site by the number of links TO that site, and by the number of visitors it receives.

Here is how the spiraling effect makes a site like bonsaikittens .com very successful, and able to charge advertisers if they wish:

1. They post something sick.
2. People tell others about it, and post the link.
3. The web site's traffic increases. The number of links increases.
4. The site shows up higher on the search engine list and is found by folks looking for jars or cats or other stuff.
5. They are revolted and send out the links. Now more people find it and link to it and visit it.

Note: Our website gets more traffic each time our "enemies" link to us.

The Google search spider has visited this forum regularly (last time two days ago) and indexed all the links. They can't link to a site name that that is not continuous broken, like bonsaikittens .com.

Moral: Don't post links to sites you don't like, or you are helping them. Break up the web site's name. People who want to help will put the name back together.

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