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Dog lover schools kids on lab-testing horrors - April 2012
Educating Emotions - April 2012
The Adventures of Don and the White Animals - March 2012
On the Side of the Animals by RSPCA
Dealing With Others - by Matt Ball
This link: http://capwiz. com/yo-demo/ dbq/media/ will allow you to write 5 emails at a time to various newspaper and radio stations.
Teaching Kids -- Complete courses on various AR subjects, videos
Teach Your Children -- Simple explanations about why animals matter, for kids and slow adults
Teaching Children About Bugs - March 08
Example of Activist Blogging - November 2007
Is An Animal A Thing? Or A Being? - A school child decides.
Humane Education -- by Nora Kramer
Brave Birds and Turtles - Newsletter of the Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center
UPC Educational Materials for the Humane Child -- from United Poultry Concerns
Seal Product Manuf -- List of some Seal Product Manufacturers
PennTeller -- 2006. Letter from Rina Deych to Penn & Teller regarding their criticism of PETA
Animal Hcaust Exh. -- Letter writing campaign
Web Cruelty --What to do when you see a web site that promotes animal cruelty.
      cruel sites 2 -- more thoughts
Calls to Make -- 1-800 calls to make to reduce the profits of animal abusers.
Chinese Embassy Email -- Email regarding cruelty of dog and cat fur
email fur designers -- email addresses, phone numbers
Poor Activist -- Things to do for activists with no money.
Language -- Language tips to give animals the respect they deserve.
Dial 1-800 -- More 1-800 calls to make to reduce the profits of animal abusers.
US media addresses -- Newspapers, magazines, TV networks
Thank Michelin -- Michelin has partnered with an anti-hunting association
Petco & PetsMart -- Sample letter to these scallywags
Bird Repellent -- Write a letter against this gooey substance that destroys a bird's life.
Vivisection -- What you can do about Vivisection Anti-vivisection letter
Answering Machine -- Humorous messages on phone of animal activist / rescue center
Promotional Promo 2 & Promo 3 -- Promotional advertisements that may be copied and placed on websites or distributed freely. ALF "wallpaper".
Dial Corp
Letters 2 Editor - 1
     Writing Letters to the Editor - 2 - Nov 2007

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