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The following is from Animal Rights Online . It is very clever and devious. It's a very good idea. To get on the mailing list for Animal Rights Online send an e-mail to . They send out some very good information.

Dial 1-800 For Animal Liberation

The following are the toll free (1-800 and 1-888) phone numbers of various animal exploiters. Every time you keep them on the phone for thirty seconds, it costs them a dollar. The longer you talk, the more they pay. Be creative: order their catalogs, make C.O.D. orders to fake addresses, etc.

Print this list and carry it around with you and make a few calls every time you pass a pay phone. Copy it and pass it around. Call for animal liberation!!!

If you have any numbers to add please contact Save the Animals.


Bio Serve Lab Animal Supplies 1-800-521-3368
Birchwood Livestock Genetics 1-800-892-6342
Bristol-Myers Squibb 1-800-468-7746
Burkshire Corporation Lab Animal Supplies 1-800-443-6379
Carolina Biological Supply Company 1-800-334-5551
Charles River Lab Animal Supplies 1-800-LAB-RATS
Colgate-Palmolive 1-800-338-8388
Harvard Apparatus Lab Animal Supplies 1-800-272-2775
Hazleton Research Products 1-800-345-4114
Hilltop Lab Animals 1-800-245-6921
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association 1-800-538-2692
Proctor & Gamble 1-800-543-0485
Research America 1-800-FON-CURE
Riverdale Mills Cages 1-800-762-6374
S.C. Johnson 1-800-848-2588


Ward's Biological Supply Company 1-800-962-2660

Fur and Leather

American Legend Fur Auction House 1-800-445-MINK
Brisken Berk Furs 1-800-241-7243
D. Cohn Fur Processors 1-800-2-TAN-FUR
David A. Furs: 1-800-919-FURS &1-800-598-1722
Diamond's Leather 1-800-426-6105
Diamond V. Fur Mills 1-800-373-7234
Dipcraft Housing Manufacturers 1-800-245-6145
Dog Proof Trap Company 1-800-828-7077
Dunn's Knive Company 1-800-24-KNIVE
Eel Skin Elegance 1-800-922-2188
Eel Skin Unlimited 1-800-243-8335
F.C. Taylor Fur Company 1-800-334-2923
Frantz Sawdust Company (for pelt drying) 1-800-262-8700
Funke Mink Farm and Trap Supplies 1-800-626-2894
Fur by Weiss 1-800-423-MINK
Fur Wardrobe 1-800-424-3877
Heger Feed Supply Company 1-800-688-1990
Henig Furs 1-800-521-2037
Hoosier Trapper Supplies 1-800-423-9526
La Budde Feed and Grain 1-800-776-3610
Leather Center 1-800-525-0952
Leather Factory Corporation 1-800-233-7155
Lingenfelter Brill Furs 1-800-331-5255
Macy's fur storage. 1-800-TLC-FURS
Merit Nomac Furs 1-800-323-0449
Mills Fur Farm Supplies 1-800-722-6455 this number may be obsolete. Anyone have a new one?
National Fur Feed 1-800-558-5803 (in WI, 242-5902)
National Superior Fur Processors 1-800-77-BEARS
Talicor Furs 1-800-433-4263
United Vaccines 1-800-283-MINK
U.S.A. Foxx and Furs 1-800-USA-FOXX
Wisco Fur Foods 1-800-235-9656
Woodstream Corporation Trapping Supplies 1-800-800-1819
Woodward & Lothrop Fur Department 1-800-955-0020

Hunting & Trapping

Big Game Fishing 1-800-458-2879
Bowhunting Safari Consultants 1-800-833-9777
Burnham Brothers Preadator Callers 1-800-451-4572
J.W. Elwood Taxidermy Supply Company 1-800-228-2291
Johnny Stewart Wildlife Callers1-800-441-3036
Midwest Turkey Call Supply1-800-541-1638
Northern Fur and Sport1-800-523-4803
R.P. Outdoors Trapping Supplies1-800-762-2706
Rigging and Wear Trapping Supplies1-800-458-5647
Russ Carmen Lures1-800-545-8737
Safari Land Hunting 1-800-624-5988
Sportsman's Guide 1-800-888-3006
Steamboat Lake Outfitters, Inc. 1-800-342-1889 (Elk - Deer - Bear - Mtn. Lion; Drop Camps or Full Guided; Private Property Hunting; one of the largest tracts of private hunting land in Northwest Colorado)
Taxidermy How To Videos 1-800-334-8012
Tom Miranda Great Outdoors 1-800-356-6730
Trapper and Predator Caller Magazine 1-800-258-0929
Tri-County Taxidermy 1-800-521-2825
World Hunts 1-800-448-6846

Animals in Entertainment

Bob Crosby's Donkey Basketball 1-800-826-7108

Animals as Food

A&A Country Butchers Inc. 1-800-367-2340
American Feeds And Livestock 1-800-323-7553
Aspen Meats 1-800-711-7064
Atlantic Seafood Direct 1-800-227-1116
Atlantic Veal Corporation 1-800-221-6988
Austin Farms 1-800-458-3447
Auth Brothers Meats 1-800-424-2610
Baney Meats Inc. 1-800-766-2475
Baron Trading Company 1-800-827-9327
Bay Area's Best Beef Jerky 1-800-96-JERKY
Beck Sausage 1-800-543-6328
Big Joe's Beef Jerky 1-800-RD-JERKY
Blossomland Bee Supply 1-800-637-5262
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm 1-800-233-7929
Buffalo Meat 1-800-BUY-BUFF
Burger King 1-800-YES-1-800
Butterball Turkey 1-800-323-4848
Carver's Classic Meats 1-800-644-0241
Cattleman Meat Company 1-800-832-6595
Certified Prime Meats 1-800-257-2977
Charlie's Gourmet Beef Jerky 1-800-969-2604
Church's Fried Chicken Catering 1-800-635-5394
Classic Steaks Omaha 1-800-288-2783
Clifty Farm Country Meats 1-800-238-8239
Commodity Meats 1-888-PORK-ROLL
Country Fed Meat Company 1-800-637-7559
Critchfield's Home 1-800-86-MEATS
Cusack Wholesale Meat Co. 1-800-241-MEAT
Denver Buffalo Company 1-800-BUY-BUFF
Double J. Limosine Beef 1-800-544-5893
Exotic Smoked Meats 1-800-345-5747
Farm Pac Kitchens 1-800-999-6997
Fresh Mark Inc. 1-800-860-6777
Fresh Seafood Express 1-800-654-1366
Glazed Honey Hams 1-800-458-7682
Gorton Buffalo Ranch 1-800-385-8085
Ham I Am! 1-800-742-6426
Harper's Country Hams 1-888-HARPERS
Hawaii's Gourmet Jungle Jerky 1-800-87-ALOHA
Heart Of The Meal 1-800-808-8933
Heavenly Ham 1-800-262-8545
Henry J.'s Meat 1-800-242-1314
Hill Country Venison 1-800-367-3525
Holt Products Veal Hormones 1-800-369-4658
Honeybaked Ham 1-800-FOR-A-HAM
Honeycrust Hams 1-800-423-4267
International Casings Group 1-800-825-5151
Jerky Hut 1-800-223-5759
King B Country 1-800-657-5555
Kutztown Bologna 1-800-822-2063
Lakeland Vet Veal Antibiotics 1-800-328-0652
Lamb Pasta Sauce 1-800-237-LAMB
La Nova Wings 1-800-6-Lanova
Lapps Bee Supply Center 1-800-321-1960
Lefty's Turkey Patch 1-800-360-6099
Lfc 1-888-EAT-GAME
Little Mo's Steak Strips 1-800-426-3632
Lobster Express 1-800-624-6301
Look's Live Lobsters 1-800-446-4009
M&F Meat 1-800-334-5396
Macfarlane Pheasant Farm 1-800-345-8348
Malcomb Meats 1-800-822-6328
Maple Leaf Prime 1-800-559-4518
Mathias International 1-800-628-4427
Minden Meat Market 1-800-272-3529
Montana High Country 1-800-433-3916
Monument Meats 1-888-LUV-LAMB
Myer's Meats 1-800-635-3759
Nashville Poultry and Egg 1-800-662-3447
National Beef Company 1-800-835-9180
Nebraska's Choice Steaks 1-800-255-5944
Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association 1-800-622-2776
Omaha Steaks 1-800-228-9872
Omaha Steaks International 1-800-228-9055
Padows Hams 1-800-344-4267
Plainville Farms 1-800-724-0286
Plantation Foods Inc.1-888-TURKEYS
Prestige Beef 1-800-LEAN-CUT
Rendezous Beef Jerky 1-800-574-1288
Robbins Livestock Auction 1-800-336-7753
Robertson's Hams 1-800-458-4267
Sabal Meats 1-800-527-2825
Sav-A-Caf Veal Hormones 1-800-468-2472
Shatz Brothers Meats 1-800-541-3898
Shultz Meats 1-800-842-0297
Sir Loin Meat Shoppe 1-800-541-5933
Steak Central 1-888-9-STEAKS
Stock Yards Packing Co. 1-800-621-3687
Strauser Bee Supply 1-800-541-8908
Susquehanna Industries Veal Feed 1-800-232-8325
Texas Barbeque 1-800-577-4888
U.S.D.A. Meat and Poultry Hotline 1-800-535-4555
Veal Hotline 1-800-323-0955
Venison Etc. 1-800-338-4868
Weaver Chicken 1-800-233-6332
White Castle (the hamburger place) 1-800-THE-CRAVE
Wyoming Buffalo Company 1-800-453-0636
Zummo Meat Company 1-800-622-1688
Have-a-Cow: 1-800-PRO-COWS
1-800 EAT VEAL

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