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What You Can Do About Vivisection

Animal experiments continue because of one thing: ignorance. Probably the most effective way you can combat this is by finding out more about it. See the links page, join the free news list by sending an email to, and search the web for more sites. See if you can get hold of a book from the book list on this site. You may find it useful to keep a folder on your computer for the information you think might be useful. Educate yourself about vivisection through the many materials available. Educate those around you - family, friends, colleagues.

Spread the word ! Write to your local and national newspapers, and call in to TV and radio phone-ins. They may seem scary at first, but you can do it !

Don't purchase animal tested products. Check the labels better still get a copy of The compassionate Shopper Guide from Naturewatch in Cheltenham 01242 252871.

Contact companies, charities and governments and tell them that vivisection doesn't work. Many companies have stopped funding animal experiments when they found out more about them, and the pressure on others is growing.

Don't give to charities that fund vivisection. See our page on charities to find those that do and those that don't use animals.

Write to your MP asking for the abolition of vivisection and the validation of scientific methods of research.

Get involved with SIAV by attending our demos, do stalls to raise awareness and funds for the campaign.

To find out more about campaigners and groups you can work with, try searching the web. There may be a national or local group you can join. Many groups work in different ways, keep trying until you find one you like. Stay in touch with other people who campaign against vivisection, you can learn a lot from each other.

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