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Goosie's Story
By Louise Van Der Merwe
Goosie's Story is a wonderful illustrated children's book by Louise Van Der Merwe about a "battery" hen who is given a chance to lead a normal life - a happy life. This moving book will be warmly welcomed and shared by children, parents and teachers, highlighting as it does the concern and compassion we ought to feel for all our feathered friends on this earth.

A Home for Henny
By Karen Davis
This wonderful book by Karen Davis tells the touching story of a little girl, a chicken, and a school hatching project. eautifully illustrated by Patricia Vandenbergh, it's the perfect gift for a child, parents, teacherrs, your local library.

Nature's Chicken, The Story of Today's Chicken Farms
By Nigel Burroughs

With wry humor, this unique children's story book traces the development of today's chicken and egg factory farming in a perfect blend of entertainment and instruction. Wonderful illustrations. Promotes compassion and respect for chickens.

A Boy, A Chicken and The Lion of Judah How Ari Became a Vegetarian
By Roberta Kalechofsky
This wonderfully gifted children's story, set in modern Israel, is about a young boy's quest for moral independence. An intelligent book for all ages. Winnter of the 1996 Fund for Animals "Kind Writers Make Kind Readers Award."

Animal Place: Where Magical Things Happen
By Kim Sturla
Enchant young children with this charming tale about a stubborn girl who is secretly touched by a cow while visiting a sanctuary for farm animals.

Bird Watching As An
Alternative To Chick Hatching
for grades two through six

Chickens, Ducks, and Quails

Replacing School Hatching Projects: Alternative Resources and How to Order Them
Our stimulating new booklet catalog has all the information you need to hatch great new lessons for young students - videos, books, models, and more.
$3.50 each

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