Third Graders Launch Most Adorable Animal Rights Campaign Ever - May 2012

What Can An Elephant Teach Children? April, 2012 - coloring book pages

Free Teacher Study Guide about Farm Animals - July 2007

Teaching Compassion -- July 2006. It may be all the new rage.

Warner-Humane Edu -- Video interview with regard to a humane education tour

Animals Matter -- Why Do Animals Matter?
Product Testing -- The unnecessary testing of household products on animals
Battery Hens -- The cramped, unnatural life of battery hens
Circuses -- Behind the scenes, animals are not happy
Pets -- Companion animals -- not everyone knows how to care for them
Cows -- Many people incorrectly believe there is no cruelty involved in dairy farming
Ducks -- Duck shooting is a cruel activity
Fishing -- Fish DO feel pain
Vegetarianism -- One of the most important things we can do to help animals
Poems -- by Jenny Moxham
Wildlife -- Our wildlife suffers when we intrude on them

Educate Kids -- Chained Dogs

Cats Indoors! -- Cat Guide.pdf -- An Educators Guide for Grades K-6 about cats

Teach Your Children
Compassion Education Failure

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