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The Adventures of Don and the White Animals


The main goal is to spread Animal Rights ideas to children. That will help to establish the future generation of ambassadors and activists for animal rights.

In the book's series Don deals with a lot of issues like experiments on animals , rodeos, consumer boycott against animal exploitation, horses race , circuses ....

For that purpose, we've managed to get some days, during the next four weeks, FREE of Charge on Amazon's e-book shop.

They usually don't allow FREE of Charge.

So as soon as I feel that enough kids know about Don, I'll announce on Don's wall which days will be FREE of Charge hoping of reaching to the maximum amount of FREE of Charge downloads.

From my experience, after reading the book, children are very excited and full of compassion for animals, so, due to their duties at school, they write assays on these issues. The outcome will be new, fresh and powerful, generation of rights activists of animal rights. And that's our goal.

So we need your help to get to the maximum people that will download the FREE of charge e-book.

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