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(US/ny) Dog lover schools kids on lab-testing horrors

Kate Aubry and her adorable 'freegle' - Juno - were hard at work on Friday preparing to teach kids how to shop. That is, to help their families learn how to shop with more compassion.

The eager duo was set to talk to animal-loving kids in an after-school program at the Animal Haven Shelter in SoHo about the use of laboratory animals and how each of them could help end the widespread practice.

'The children in the Caring Kids program are already keenly aware of the abuses against animals, and animal testing is just another piece of the puzzle,' said Aubry, who planned the humane education event as part of World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week.

It's a subject that's been close to Aubry's heart since July 2010, when she adopted Juno - then a skittish and nameless beagle whose only source of identity was the federal ID tattoo inked on her ear.

Juno was one of 120 beagles freed from a bankrupt New Jersey laboratory and transported by rescuers at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

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