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Dealing With Others

Dealing with Others

by Matt Ball, Vegan Outreach

When you share your new discoveries and ideas, some friends and family members may not only show resistance, but might even react with mockery or anger. In order to prevent suffering, however, we must let the compassion we feel for animals shine through the pain and anger we feel about what happens to them in factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses. Unless others can respect us--as opposed to finding us cold and judgmental--they will have little interest in taking steps to end cruelty to animals.

Instead of expecting others to change immediately, we need to be understanding, giving everyone time to consider the realities of factory farms on their own time and within their unique situations. Burning bridges with anger only serves to create enemies and feed the stereotype that vegans are self-righteous.

Although it may be tempting to get into arguments about our prehistoric ancestors? diet, the simplest statement can be the most powerful: "I know that I don't want to suffer. Therefore, I don't want to cause others to suffer."

As long as we remain respectful, our positive example and the information we provide will ultimately be the best voice for the animals.

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