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To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing to let you know that  "Tanglefoot" is an unacceptable product. This gooey substance destroys a birds feathers, therefore, destroying the bird's life.
Feathers are a bird's sole protection against the elements. Without feathers in good condition a bird cannot fly and falls prey to cats or other predators; Without feathers, a bird cannot keep warm in the winter nor cool in the
Glue boards and Tanglefoot contain Polybutenes for stickiness. Polybutenes may not be toxic to humans, but can harm the unique and delicate systems of birds.

Wildlife rehabilitation centers will tell you it's a dreadful product which causes great suffering, incapacitating wildlife, necessitating immediate first aid intervention. Animals with "Tanglefoot" on their feet and/or bodies have leaves and other substances stuck to the gluey mixture, which they cannot remove themselves. The animals get the "Tanglefoot" onto their beaks and in their mouths, causing them to suffocate or slowly starve or dehydrate to death.
I do not support animal abuse and suffering and ask that you sell only cruelty free products.
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