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Ask Petco and PetsMart to Stop Exploiting Birds Source:

Attn: Customer Relations
19601 North 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Petco Animal Supplies
Attn: Customer Relations
9125 Recho Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121
800-541-2952 or 858-453-7845

Dear (   ):

I urge you to establish an adoption program for companion birds in your stores, instead of contributing to the epidemic of unwanted and abused birds who languish in cages all over the United States.

Whether due to frustration, disinterest, or concern, many people attempt to rid themselves of the responsibility of caring for their birds. Unfortunately, few of these birds will find a loving home, and most will spend their days isolated and confined to their cages. For an active, intelligent, social, flight-adapted animal, a life spent alone in a cage is incredibly cruel. By treating birds like merchandise, your store is contributing to the epidemic of abused and unwanted birds, and perpetuating the idea that animals are products to be used for our benefit and/or convenience.

Your store is in a unique position to set a standard for pet stores around the country by establishing an adoption program for unwanted birds, and by setting high standards of care for potential adopters to assure that the physical and psychological needs of the bird(s) are met.

You owe your company's success to animals. At the very least, you should consider their future welfare.
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