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Dear Sir,
Your total ignorance as to the motives of animal rights and anti vivisectionists is no surprise to me. People like yourself who make ignorant, untrue, hypocritical and biased statements should first research the issue properly. I am a medical historian and anti vivisection campaigner. MY motives are to save humanity of suffering as well as stopping the fraud of vivisection. Pharmaceutical companies commit atrocities to man that are akin to genocide every year. Your lack of knowledge is obvious from the statements you make.

The drugs today that are the mainstay cancer treatments, were actually developed despite animal experiments not because of them. Animal tests are scientifically worthless as experiments with mice and rats not only give contradictory results in cancer research but hold back progress. If you care to research Methotrexate you will see that animal tests actually hindered progress.

So the animal activist that you attacked in your statement was not at all hypocritical because animal tests are useless and play no part in developing drugs that are tried out on volunteers anyway.

If a drug fails animal tests, it may not necessarily mean that the drug will not work in humans. This is because of differences in metabolism and physiology between species. People who support vivisection often say we are similar to animals in some ways, but here lies the trap we have fallen into many times. Just check out the drugs that have been withdrawn in the last years up to today which passed animal tests. If you attack animal rights people (who are the true human beings anyway) then you also attack scientists, doctors, and former vivisectors who have all testified that animal experiments cannot be extrapolated to human beings. If you think you can name one drug that depended entirely on animal experiments I would be interested to hear about it.

Mr. S. Johnson.

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Sent: March 20, 2005
Subject: Daily Mail slates animal rights activists

Simon Heffer, pompous git who writes a column in the Daily Mail, wrote this yesterday:

Quote, Daily Mail, 19/3/05

'Full marks to Mr Justice Owen for branding a bunch of animal rights activists as 'terrorists' for their campaign against a guinea pig farm in Staffordshire.   Like the IRA, who are now mafiosa rather the 'freedom fighters', these terrorists pay only lip service to their notionol creed of animal rights.   They are usually extreme Marxists who wish to destroy capitalism, with animal welfare merely a cover for their activities.   This is proved by the wilful hypocrisy of one of them, Janet Tomlinson, who was treated for cancer with a drug tested on animals.   How odd that she wasn't prepared to suffer so animals need not'.

If anyone would like to educate Mr Heffer on this subject his e mail is


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