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    Today, I give up being human.
    Today, I refuse to be called a human.
    Today, I do not wish to belong to the same race that calls themselves human, that measure their humanity by the compassion they feel only toward humans...
    If your value of humanity:
    Is measured by the compassion you feel only toward humans;
    If your value of humanity:
    Is measured by what people think and the egoistic satisfaction you feel when you help;
    If your value of humanity:
    Is measured by the help you pursue out of "what would people think otherwise";
    Then please do not call me human.

You, who call themselves humans:
    You, who watch their own reflections from the store windows when they walk down the street,
    but never see the sick dog on the same street, or simply ignore and look away;
    You, who somehow cannot bear to see or hear the violence towards animals, but can very well tolerate to see a person who has raped 80 women, or a person that does anything for money;
    You, who do not want to hear when people try to explain how horrible the situation really is, who cannot tolerate to hear the torture, but can very well tolerate all the violence and lack of human values, cheatings, lies on the talk shows on tv.
    Please, stay away from me..

  Today, I have in front of me, the pictures of the dogs of Sivas Shelter, Turkey.
    I keep thinking that I have to control myself.

  I have to control myself, because we, the animal-lovers are known to be out-of-control and act out. In every reaction, you can be called a crazy person by the public. And the fact that they never listen, never take you seriously, tell you to stop worrying so much about animals and quit what you're doing, get a life...

All the dogs were kept in an enclosed open field. This past Tuesday, Jan 25, 2005, a bunch of drunks trespass into the shelter, rape the mother dogs and their puppies, beat the dogs until dead, rip their chests open... The beer and liquor bottles are scattered all around, and nobody understands today what that mother dog feels..

    I, being human, cannot understand all of these acts, my heart burns, my soul disintegrates... But what do I need to do? Control myself...

    Because the ones who call themselves "human" choose to act like none of this ever happened.

    Because they cannot tolerate it

    Because they don't want to see it.

    Because they don't want to hear it.

    Because if I lose control, if I exhibit the slightest loss of control, the animals will be the ones to pay again... I will be hurting them in the long run...

    So what am I supposed to do?

    They are there...

They have been raped till they died.

    They were killed...

    Their mothers watched...

    The mothers took the volunteers to their puppies, showed them the corpses...

    These mothers have in their bodies the sperms of the ones  who call themselves "human", and in their souls, agony...

    Today, they are there..

    You are reactionless..

Because they are not human...
    Because caring for them does not give you enough social credibility...

    Because in your culture, when you care for animals, that does not make you a "good person, an angel, compassionate"...

    In your newspaper columns, you continue to argue "I prefer to help a human child rather than a dog". You feel you won the debate against animal lovers with an unreasonable and pointless comparison. Triumphantly, you say "I say humans first..."

    Did we ask you "who first?"...

    The attached pictures were taken in Sivas shelter past Wednesday... Below is the email of the volunteer who saw this first-hand.

  I am not asking you "Who first?". I am only telling you this:

    First, the questioning mother in the picture!

    First, the babies that were raped!

    First, these souls, who don't have the ability to stand up for their rights like "humans" can..

    Today, first, only them...

    Ozgun Ozturk

  the first day of the holiday, the condition of the shelter was horrible. This time, the cabins of the workers were also robbed. The people who broke in entered all the cages, and one mother and her very healthy puppies were all raped. We gathered the corpses of several babies from different cages. We also found one of them in the pit outside the fences. The mother took us to her pups. A  few meters ahead, we also found the body of a missing dog, all destroyed.. The beer and liquor bottles were scattered all around. I can't forget the mother's face, and her taking us to her killed babies..

    more horrible pictures: