June 2010

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BREAKING NEWS! SHARK Goes After the President of the Philadelphia Gun Club for Animal Abuse - And He Responds!

Yesterday, June 29, SHARK issued a press release stating that it has video of Leo Holt, President of the pigeon killing Philadelphia Gun Club (who is also President of Holt Logistics, a shipping company with terminals in Gloucester City, NJ and Philadelphia, PA) personally committing terrible acts of animal cruelty against pigeons.

We said that we would be at the Independence Day fireworks display he paid for in Gloucester City, NJ, where his business is located, and that we would peacefully hand out fliers and play the video for whoever wanted to see it.

Holt, outraged by this, issued a statement that was posted on a local website. This statement contained numerous false statements about SHARK, including that SHARK "...vowed to be on the fringes, from where they plan to disrupt the display."

SHARK responded to Holt's statement and is going to be in Gloucester City this Saturday night.

Make sure to check out our blog tonight and tomorrow for the latest news on this breaking situation!

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Watch the video of Holt killing pigeons

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Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

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