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(US/tx) AR protest in front of Beaumont Wal Mart - August 2012
Great Media Coverage For World Laboratory Animal Week - May 2011
Two Activists Assaulted at PA Pigeon Shoot - April 2011
The Effectiveness Of Direct Action in Reducing Public Support for Animal Research - April 2011
World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2011 - April 2011
Band of Mercy Shows Farm to Fridge - March 2011
Where Would The World Be Without Activists? - Jan 2011
West Hollywood Anti-Fur Demonstration - Jan 2011
Sankaty Advisors Dump Their Shares in Fortress - Oct 2010
Abolish Meat - Worldwide Day - Sept 2010
World Day of Action Against Swedish Fur Farms - August 2010
They Cannot Shackle the Truth or Blind Us From Seeing It - August 2010
Operation: Liberate and Relocate - July 2010
WAR & NY-ALFs March in Veggie Pride Parade - May 2010
Meat is Murder Protest in KC - May 2010
Peaceful Activist Arrested in NYC - January 2010
SHAC- Global Week - WAR, August 2009
Operation IX3 - Investor Insanity - WAR, August 2009
Teens Help an Animal Shelter - June 2009
Ideas for Holding a VegOut - March 2009
Animal Experimentation A Wake-up Call - March 2009
Converting Welfarism to Veganism - March 2009
WAR - Protesting Fur, Ruffling Feathers - Jan 09
Michigan - Protest of Strays Still Supplied to Medical Research - Jan 09
Winning Update on the Trader Joe's Campaign - May 2008
Fighting the Fur Business
Effective Doorstep Protesting - by Camille Hankins, W.A.R.
Displaying AR Videos - new 'glass wall' method, October 2007
Effective Leafleting
Form Groups -- No Compromise makes suggestions for forming groups
Strategic Nonviolence -- Strategic Non-Violence (8 different articles)
Volunteers -- Discussion of need for volunteers
Demonstration Strategies - from Los Angeles activists
Demonstrating - Civil Disobedience: A Legal Guide for Activists
Fundraising Tips -- Top Ten Tips
Fundraising -- Fundraising Event Ideas
U.S. Shut Them Down Tour (West Coast) - August 2007
Slaughterhouse list -- Here's a list (.pdf file) of places to protest.
Staging Successful Protests -- Preparation, The Event Itself, the Follow-Up
Group Effort -- Making social change requires a political animal by Julie Lewin
Anti Fur Participants -- Countries / websites participating in Anti-Fur Day, 2006
Anti Fur Slogans -- Chants for protests
Anti-Fur Group -- Yahoo group
America's #1 Terrorists - protest HLS
P&G Protest -- 2005 Protesting against Proctor and Gamble
Free Activist Banners
New AR Calendar -- Veggies Animal Rights Calendar, U.K.
        archived calendars: AR Calendar  2 Calendar  3 Calendar  2005 
Jill Phipps -- Jill Phipps is crushed to death under export lorry
2005_AR_Conferences -- In the US and England

Recruiting other ARAs: Sociological research (from 95) suggests that animal advocates are often recruited by 'moral shocks' rather than through networking:-

Recruiting strangers and friends: moral shocks and social networks in animal rights and anti-nuclear protests

Author Jasper, J M; Poulsen, J D
Source Social Problems; 42 (4) Nov 95, p.493-512
ISSN 0037-7791

Abstract Through surveys of animal rights and anti-nuclear protestors, distinguishes two mechanisms of recruitment to protest, one based primarily on appeals to new recruits, the other on activating existing networks. Fewer animal rights protestors rated family, friends and previous activism in other causes as reasons for their animal rights participation; they were often recruited directly by moral shocks in the form of visual and verbal rhetoric.

13 de fevereiro de 2006
o mundo se uniu para protestar contra a cruel industria de peles na China 

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