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Essays for Activists

Protesting 101

Where Is Jim Mason Today? - March 2011
Strategy of Insurrection - January 2010
Are The Things That Matter Most Better With Your Promise of Hope and Great Change - by Dave Warwak
National Anarchists: Rebranding Fascism - December 2008
Ready to Attack Animal Rights Activists? Consider This First - December 2008
A Thanksgiving Day Fast for Peace - November 2008
The Year of the Happy Rat - By Suki Falconberg, February 2008
Heart of Darkness - by Lisa G. Leming
Useful Articles -- The Active Activist by Michelle A. Rivera.
Property Rights Extremists Equate McMansions to 9/11 Victims
How to Prolong Injustice - by Tom Regan
In Praise of Mild Reforms - August 2007
Art Of War -- Around 2,300 years ago, Sun Tzu wrote "The Art of War". Here are excerpts.
Resolutions for Animal Rights Activists
What Defines an Animal Rights Activist?
ARA's - Ruffling Feathers
Protecting Farm Animals
A Lesson from An Emu's Death
Response to Perz's "Exclusive Non-Violent Action"
Rescuers need Rescue, Too -- by Chandra Moira Beal
What America Needs Most - Animal Rights: What America Needs Most
The Turtle Talk -- Pattrice Jones
Questions about an animal rescue - final analysis
Animal Activism -- August 2005. Summary of Animal Activism by VeganAngel_RI.
Veggie Attack -- Ten Ways to Create a Vegetarian World by Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Community Ethics -- How does "animal rights" fit in?
Nothing Can Justify -- April 2006. Nothing Can Justify Animal Torture, by Justin Goodman.
So Vegan It Hurts -- March 2006. I'm becoming increasingly militant in my vegetarian activism, and it's causing me to isolate and be depressed.
Criticizing -- How much time should we spend criticizing other ARA's?
Coming 2 terms -- Jan. 2006. Coming to Terms with Animal Cruelty.
Canberra Piece -- Jan. 2006. Shameful Japanese are Not Alone.
Ten Ways to Make a Difference -- by Peter Singer. Excerpted from Ethics into Action, 1998.
NYC Shelter -- A Peek Inside The NYC Shelter.
Fear of Feeling -- Trauma and Recovery in the Animal Liberation Movement, by Pattrice Jones.
Support Direct Action -- More on the debate about the efficacy of direct action.
Lip Service -- "LIP'' Service in America.
Quit Being -- Today, I give up being human.
Yourofsky Lect -- Gary Yourofsky's guest lecture about veganism and speciesism.
Activist's Strain -- 2005. Euthanasia A Strain for Animal Care Staff. Shelters Try to Help.
My First Arrest -- by Asananda X. June 2006.
If It Ain't Broke... by Asananda X. Feb 2006.
Trenches -- 'They're Synthetic, Jackass!' by Asananda X.
A New Approach -- A New Approach to Animal Rights/ Animal Welfare Activism.
Yoga & Animal Rights -- Finding Union Within the Animal Rights Movement by Asananda X.
Accomplish -- Let's stop condemning animal "welfare" and actually accomplish something! by "The Tiergarten Sanctuary Trust.
Advocacy -- Anger, Humor & Advocacy by Matt Ball.
AR Conf. Errors -- Why Animal Rights Conferences Fail by Robert Cohen.
Clueless Activists revised August 22, 2005 picking on the good guys.
Pope and Animals -- 2 responses-- Gut and Reasoned.
Arrogant Activists -- More divisiveness from folks who aren't looking at the big picture at Petco.
Persuade -- Persuade and Convince - Don't Alienate.
The S.S. Persia -- Ship or Nazi? -- Protesting J. Lo's fur, by Asananda X.
Protesting Tips -- Things to learn from an outsider who visits 3 protests.
New Activism -- A New Approach to Animal Rights Activism, By Andres Cameselle.
AR Protests -- Animal Rights Protests, COK in NY.
Compassion Fatigue

Essays - Philosophical

Manatees -- >by Carl Hiaasen. War has been declared on the humble sea cow
G Carlin> -- George Carlin on Animal Rights
Just for Ever -- Essay modified by Ann Berlin
Robyns Buddy -- Jan. 2005, Essay from Robyn who lost a dog, Buddy
Slavery & Holocaust -- Animals, Slavery, and the Holocaust, by Charles Patterson
Bring It To The Table -- Opening Arguments In Defence of the A.L.F., by Nocella & Kahn
The Game Is Over -- Taking the ALF Seriously, by Nocella & Kahn
Reinventing Direct Action's Educational Strategies -- by Nocella & Kahn
Torture on the Farm: Why Conservatives Should Care about Animal Cruelty (.pdf file)
My Dog or Your Child? by Dr. Steven Best
New Abolitionism by Dr. Steven Best
Animals = Thyself -- Meanwhile: Know the animals, know yourself, by Bernd Heinrich.
Proud Speciesist -- Reply to a Self-Proclaimed Speciesist, by Joan Dunayer.
Price of Experiments -- The High Price of Animal Experimentation by Robert Bass, Ph.D.
If Pigs Could Swim - Atlantic Monthly article "If Pigs Could Swim".
All Beings Feel -- All beings that feel pain deserve human rights, by Richard Ryder.
Vegan Dogma? -- Veganism is Absolutely Not Dogmatic.
Gandhi Won't Do -- Gandhi's way won't do: Animal rights activists do not want to resort to violence but many see it as the only option, by Karen Dawn
"An Examination of the Property Status Of Animals"
"Persuade and Convince - Don't Alienate"
A Tale of Two Holocausts  -- Karen Davis, PhD
Hunting Tradition: Treaties, Law, and Subsistence Killing  -- Lisa Kemmerer, PhD
The Failure Of the Kantian Theory of Indirect Duties to Animals  -- Heather Fieldhouse, PhD
A Critique of the Kantian Theory of Indirect Moral Duties to Animals  -- Jeffrey Sebo
Utilitarianism, Animals, and the Problem of Numbers  -- Stephen Hanson, PhD
Trial By Fire: The SHAC7, Globalization, and the Future of Democracy  -- Steven Best, PhD and Richard Kahn
Response to "(Im)possible Witness: Viewing PETA's "Holocaust on Your Plate,'"  -- Kathy Guillermo
"You Don't Support the ALF Because Why?" by Dr. Steven Best
"Behind The [ALF] Mask" by Dr. Steven Best & Anthony J. Nocella II (Acrobat .pdf file)
"The Role of Radical Animal Activists" by Joshua Frank (Acrobat .pdf file)
Animal rights, human wrongs    by Vernon Coleman
Animals - Betray  by Vernon Coleman
Proof that animal experiments don't save lives  by Vernon Coleman
Why Animal Experiments Must Stop   by Vernon Coleman -- 12 lies told by vivisectionists

Stop Wasting Time! - by Dave Warwak, March 2009

Best's Ideological Standpoint - another ARA sophomoric pissing contest

Evolving into an ARA

Like The Little Satans We Are - by Jason Miller

How I Became an Animal Rights Activist - by Alice Bruckenstein, Nov. 2008

From AR Conference 2007

Howard Lyman, on Global Warming, on animal welfare, on following the herd, on Michael Vick's contribution to animal rights activism, ignoring the brain-dead, cleaning up our bad habits, etc. (Humorous.)

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download as an .flv file How Passive Will You Be Today?

Erik Marcus (who I tend to agree with on a lot of things): 

Armaiti May (veterinarian with interesting intro, on public perception and opinion of activists, countering the stereotype, etc.): 

Alex Pacheco (founded(?) PETA, who early on, documented what was going on in a Silver Springs research lab, and got the place shut down for cruelty to animals, government support, winning a majority of court cases.) 

Harold Brown (former cattle farmer, turned outreach coordinator at Farm Sanctuary, and interviewed on Tribe of Heart's "Peaceable Kingdom", talks about the difference between liberation, rights & welfare. He compares welfare with hospice work. Interesting concept. He compares rights to midwives, bringing forth a new paradigm & way of life.) 

Alex Hershaft (FARM, etc.  &  talks about polarizing philosophies that fracture the movement, and also speaks about the theory that militants are being squashed, and others are being influenced financially by the industries. He says we all have different paths, but that we need the militants.) 

Bryan Pease (lawyer, whose foie gras investigation generated a lot of media coverage and influenced the ban in Chicago and a similar pending ordinance in San Francisco, and introduced many to hidden factory farm issues. He also refutes the anti-welfarist argument, saying that the countries with the best animal welfare laws also have the most vegans, and that it is our duty to make things better for the animals now, and not fight against welfare reforms.): 

Camille Hankins (co-founder of Win Animal Rights -- a NY subgroup of SHAC -- grassroots direct action): 

Marianne Thieme (Dutch politician & member of the Netherlands' Party for the Animals):

Ingrid Newkirk's keynote address from AR2002
(with pictures/video clips):

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