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Be An Army of One - actions you can do alone

Chickens Under the Bridge - Aug 2015
Will Veganism Be Relevant for Another 70 Years? - Sept 2011
Be A Voice for the Chimps - Dec 2010
Justice Department Issues a Call to Action - Nov. 2010
Why we do what we do - July 2010
Charity Fund-Raising for AR - April 2010

movinon: The Movin' On Transport & Rescue is a comprehensive resource for all inter and intra-state transport needs. This community will also serve to assist rescues in posting assistance requests to move animals from over-crowded shelters where the threat of euthanasia exists, to shelters where animals will have a chance at adoption and to find a loving home.

A good example of how one committed person can change society, and save a species from annihilation: http://www.cnn. com/2009/ TECH/05/28/ cnnheroes. suzan.lakhan. baptiste/ index.html? eref=rss_ topstories -- The petition calls for a radical change in the so-called scientific attitude to wild animals, which considers them to be essentially without feeling and material for experimentation, destruction, etc. It also calls for an immediate stop to Australias culling and shooting of its wildlife which is at a record level.

Have a fur coat to donate? Wildlife rehabilitators use fur coats to comfort orphaned baby wildlife while they are being rehabbed. They make wonderful beds for them.

ARA Evolving - August 2009
Virtual Anti-Vivisection March / Cal-Tech Banner - April 2009
Tyler Hill Jailed for Saving Dogs - February 2009
Girl Scout creates turtle crossing - December 2008
Ten Ways to Help Animals - from
UK Vegan Mum Defies Stereotypes - November 2008
Take Actions for Lab Animals - November 2008
Support the Primates - November 2008
Stop Primate Research at University of Bremen - November 2008
ARAs in Finland Use Library Exhibits to Educate Public - August 2008
Sabbing 'Free Animal' Abusers - August 2008
Internet Petitions - comments from
Ayna Agarwal founded Stop Animal Overpopulation Together Globally - 07/08
Please Convince Pet Stores To Sell Pound Dogs
Look for These Signs of Animal Cruelty
Provide Meals For Animals
Effective Animal Rights Activism
Top Ten Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty
You Hold the Key -- You Have The Key To Help The Animals.
To Do List -- 10 Things You Can Do To Make The Next Century Better For Animals by NEAVS.
Actions for One - from ARAN
NYC Pigeons need our help - November 2007
An animal rights activist in the making - November 2007
Tell Mars Inc. to Drop Deadly Animal Tests! - September 2007
Teen's love for animals prompted her to turn vegan - March 2007
Hope and Advice for ARAs - February 2007
Tell POM to stop torturing animals - Dec 2006
What you can do -- What can you do to help?
Fireworks -- Sample letter to write to local newspaper before each July 4th & New Year's Eve
Top 6 list -- 6 more things you can do, x 2.
Advocating Veget -- Advocating vegetarianism like you mean it. Feb. 2006.
Pound Seizure -- USA : pounds may sell animals to laboratories.
Dogs to Research -- Beware of these 15 remaining Random Source Class B dealers who are selling dogs and/or cats to laboratories for experimentation.
Furrier List -- designers/furriers list. Write or email these folks and tell them what you think.
Anti-fur blog: By activist who has made flyers and posted them in public areas.
100 Ways To Help -- Checklist of things you can do.
Tennis Ball Use -- Take used balls to a dog shelter.
Photographer's Rights -- Your Rights When You Are Stopped for Photography
Get Active -- Suggestions from S.A.N.E.
Animal Activist Card -- Animal Activist Card (5" x 3-1/2"). Fur facts.
Why Rescue? -- Essay.
Computer Games -- Games for activists.
Stray dogs -- Volunteer band of retrievers is a stray dog's best friend by C. V. BAIRD.
Humor and Advocacy -- Anger, Humor, and Advocacy, by M. Ball, of Vegan Outreach.
Look Within Within 2 Within 3 -- 'To Look Within' by Randy N. Warner. Seeing the need for change in the animal protection movement.
Persuade -- Persuade and Convince, Don't Alienate. How to discuss AR issues.

Pope and Animals

6-Year-old ARA
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