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"How to Do Animal Rights and Win the War on Animals"
A complete online book about how to do animal rights.

Animal Research Facilities in the US - by HSUS

"The Journey" by Crystal Ward Kent. Please visit or more information.

2008 Rescues - youtube video - Action Alerts

Declaration of Compassion - video

Interview With An Undercover Animal Rights Investigator

Death in the Trenches

The Global Guide to Animal Protection - Dec 2913


ARA Video Handbook

Animal Rights Strategy

Army of 1 -- Things you can do without help.

Groups -- Group activism, calendars, events, Strategic Non-Violence.

Essays -- Inspirational essays about activism. Includes 2007 AR conference.

Examples -- Photos of some past actions.

Activist-index -- Including tips for ALF actions.

ARA Handbook
Final Nail 2008 - ver3.pdf

November 2016

I Am An Animal Rescuer

Introducing.... Rose!

August 2016

Animal-rights revolution catches hearts in Fresno, nationwide

July 2016

Dog Breeder Beaten for mistreatment of Pit Bulls

Big Beef is Hiring Hitmen to Murder Activists - 185 Murders Last Year Alone

April 2016

SHARK and LCA Fight Taxpayer-Funded Mass Slaughter of Cormorants

Service Dogs: Animal Abuse in New York

March 2016

Cruelty at Joe Beard and Sons

February 2016

Activists Stage "Die-in" at Home of New York Blood Center's Michael Hodin

January 2016

Unforgotten: Animals Rescued from Research - YouTube

ARAs Nationwide Protest CEO of Company Building Underground Animal Lab

ALF - Multiple International Direct Actions

Dec 2015

Chris Dietrich: Animal Rights Disruptor

Possum Drop

Sept-Nov 2015

Open Rescues: How UPC Introduced This Strategy to U.S. Activists

SeaWorld to Scrap Killer Whale Show

VIDEO: Over 125 Activists Protest New York Blood Center Over Abandoned Chimps

VIDEO: Activists Disrupt Kaporos Chicken Massacre

Activists Score Victory in Effort to Stop the Government Killing of Millions of Animals

SHARK's 2015 Mid-Year in Review

Ex-NRA President Assaults SHARK Investigator

Stop Dropping Turkeys from Airplanes

Aug 2015
Protests at Home of NY Blood Center Chairman Howard Milstein (Video)
Activists Worldwide to Shine a Light on the Path to Animal Liberation
Boy Stands Up to Adults to Save Goat's Life
Stop Young Research
July 2015
Good Samaritan Or Terrorist?
ARA Accused of Supporting Rape & Murder & Mayhem
Barbi Twins' Activism
June 2015
Activists Occupy New York Blood Center
May 2015
New York Blood Center Abandons Over 60 Chimps, Leaving Them To Die of Starvation
Advocates Demand that USDA Enforces Animal Welfare Act
USA Activists Disrupt Economic Development Conference on Behalf of Lab Monkeys
Outraged Community Holds Elected Officials Accountable For Secret Monkey Breeding Facilities
April 2015
Toronto March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses
March 2015
Cruelty at Miami Dade County Animal Services
Shelter dogs being euthanized despite having owners lined up
Letter to President Obama Regarding Vivisection
A Musing All-Vegan School Cafeteria
Wetland Destruction in Urbana New York
February 2015
From Cattle Rancher's Wife to Vegan Animal Sanctuary Owner
"Respect Life" - Worldwide Event
Activists Brave Frigid Temps and Angry Parents While Protesting Ringling Abuse
Fire Department to Host "Squirrel Slam"
January 2015
Courageous Rescuers Snatch Two Roosters from Imminent Danger
10 animal rights victories of 2014
Two tales that make foie gras lovers feel better
Starbucks to Require More Humane AW Standards From Suppliers
Activism 2.0 - Entering, Agitating and Disrupting
Queer Animal Liberation activists take a stand
Sea Shepherd 2014 Victories
December 2014
Holiday Message from Imprisoned Animal Liberationist Walter Bond
Beagle Freedom Project Uses Former Research Dogs to Spotlight its Anti-Research Campaign
Ecoterrorism: threat or political ploy?
November 2014
The curious case of Nathan Winograd
Helping animals isn't as hard as you'd think
Corruption in PA: Pigeon Shooters Gave $20,000 to PA House Members
One Year Old Dog Killed at NYC ACC While Adopter Was Trying to Pull Him
September 2014
Art exhibition equates animal farming with the Holocaust
News from the Nonuman Rights Project
Bob Barker's Pigeon Shoot TV Ad
Third monkey breeding center in Hendry County raises questions
A letter to Wayne Pacelle (HSUS)
NYC: September 20, 2014 (weekend of historic activism)
August 2014
Farm animal advocate, inspired by life in Warsaw Ghetto, urges vegan lifestyle
Response to Double-crested Cormorant Management Plan
July 2014
Oppose Planned Killing of 16,000 Cormorants along the Columbia River
Animal Exploitation and Mass Media
Paul Bunyan's Animal Land a Living Hell
Idea From No-Kill Coalition
June 2014
Woodstock Sanctuary July Jamboree
James Cameron-Backed School To Terminate Meat And Dairy
May 2014
10 Lessons I've Learned While Fighting for the Freedom of Farmed Chickens
Missing Schnauzer, Huntington AR, March 22, 2014
April 2014
I Used to Break Into Laboratories to Free Animals
2014 New York State Animal Rights Lobby Day
How to Report Animal Cruelty
Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shoots Grind to a Halt
Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz 2014
March 2014
"I AM HERE" An Urban Intervention To Make The Invisible Visible
Rescuers barred from saving oiled birds
New Website re Teatown Deer Slaughters
Trapping My Dog
February 2014
Protestors of Squirrel Slam say hunting contest 'is a crime against nature'
Люди приходят на помощь. People come to the rescue. Die Leute kommen zu Hilfe
Sugar Gliders Need Your Help
Suspected Dogfighting Ring in Hastings, Florida
January 2014
Holley N.Y. Squirrel Slam is Nuts
Esperanza, Story of a Rescued Broiler Chicken, and Ducks Who Escaped the Guns
December 2013
Jain entrepreneurs innovate for ahimsa
Oregon Fur Farm Reports Trespassers
Boycott Time Magazine
USDA's Wildlife 'Services' Exposed
October 2013
Support Marie Mason: Write A Letter
National Call-In Day -- Oct 21st
Raids to Free Minks Up Ante on Animal Rights
How Animal Activists Are Destroying the Cruel Fur Trade in America
Fur industry hunts for suspicious car in massive fur farm campaign
September 2013
Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos
SHARK Challenges New Jersey Rodeo and NJ SPCA Over Death of Horse
August 2013
Animal Liberation Solidarity Demonstration Sat., August 24, 2013
Sab All Hunting, Not Just the Wolf Hunt
Manual for Sabotaging Montana Wolf Hunts
Worldwide Animal Liberation March August 24, 2013
July 2013
Animal-rights group protests Phoenix medical campus
FSU law grad fights for animal rights
June 2013
ARA sentenced to community service in Sussex bear-hunt protest
Major NY-ARAA Protest Planned Against Bloomberg'​s Animal City Pound System
Activist Simone Reyes Holds The Bodies Of The Dead To Fight For The Living(US/fl) ARAs hold rally to save shelter pets
DDB Founder Tamira Thayne Hospitalized on Day 30 of Hunger Strike
We can't choose not to intervene in nature
Four Westchester Parks Will Allow Bow Hunting
Walmart Killing Wetlands in Tigard Oregon
May 2013
FAUN in weekend of action against vivisection, circus, more
Tripping & Tipping Galloping Horses for Family Fun
A vegan activist, hatched
Town rethinks plan to euthanize Canada geese
Animal-rights volunteer arrested for videotaping Jordan Valley rodeo
Solving the Problem of Wolf Hunting
Sir Paul McCartney joins Cruelty Free International
World Week for the Abolition of Meat
April 2013
Squirrel Slam Video
Animal rights action in Connecticut gives hope to advocates across USA
Animal rights protest at lab in Oxford
     Oxford AR Protest April 2013
Animal rights activist protest Princeton University primate laboratory
(US/ma) Animal rights rally
Animal rights protest at lab in Oxford
Animal rights group to protest at Harvard Saturday
Cruelty to farm animals demands exposure
ARA makes bid to get state firearms ID
Beagle Freedom Project April 2013 E-news
ARAs seek to stop Pennsylvania tradition of live pigeon shooting
Greenpeace Pod asks for help
March 2013
An Interview with Anonymous's Wolf Advocates
ARAs protest Ringling opening night
Many programs for the kids at Animal Rights Day
Mamaroneck residents urge nonlethal alternatives to geese problem
Shark Exposes Pigeon Shooting Ex-NRA President
Branded For Animal Rights
Protest at Game Goes Forward
Deer Dilemma postscript​: Md. spay program shows alternative
Mamaroneck Geese Meeting + Alternative Proposal
SHARK Rescues Birds at Bloody Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shoot
Montgomery deer-culling draws ire of AR group
Vermont AR groups seek quicker forfeiture
Friends of Animals Presses Mayor Norm Rosenblum to Stop Goose Killing
February 2013
Stop Boiling Animals Alive - petition
Contact Mamaroneck Regarding Geese Slaughter
269 Life
Animal Legal Defense Fund creates app to help report animal abuse
Free the Animals Conference, Florida - Mar 1-3, 2013
USFD Speaks Out - Annual 'Hazzard County' Squirrel Slam called nuts
Ground Zero for Justice...
Class B Dog Dealers for Lab Experiments
Open the Cages! A traveling animal liberation festival
More Ways to Protest Squirrel Slam
(UK) U.S. Bancorp Targeted by Animal-Rights Activists
Protests Organizing Against Holley's Squirrel Slam
Anti-Fur Society Conference, Virginia, June 2013
Couple Faces Jail for Saving Life of Fawn
January 2013
Animal rights group raises debate over "no kill" direction of Rancho Cucamonga animal shelter
Firefighters in New York promoting gun violence to children
Chicago Alderman Involved in Illegal Pigeon Capture
AR Group Knows Who Captured Uptown Pigeons
The Campaign That Changed Everything: SHAC USA
College officials say support needed for animal rights threats
Pigeon Torturer Exposed!
December 2012
List of USA Dog Dealers for Lab Experimentation
PETA and ALF take opposite strategies in anti-fur fight
Activists will demonstrate Saturday at Portland's Oregon Zoo
AR group seeks investigation of Pasco animal shelter abuse
ARA sent to jail for harassing WSU researcher
November 2012
N.J. bear season opens Monday, and animal rights groups will be ready
LB Airport to work with USDA on program to prevent 'wildlife strikes'
Fox Rescued from the Snapping Jaws of Hounds
SHARK takes credit for flying remote helicopter shot over Pennsylvania pigeon shoot
(US/wa) Group protests Edmonds animal seller
(US/il) Hunter goes hi-tech in finding animal abuse
Tofu: It's What's for Dinner - BU Vegetarian Society
October 2012
Sea Shepherd's Operation Zero Tolerance Set to Launch November 5th
No Cruel Cosmetics: a quarter of a million signatures to the European Union
News from the Nonhuman Rights Project
November 23 - Zombies Will Attack Fur Free Friday Events Worldwide!
Hunters and animal rights group clash over foxes
Convicted terrorist scheduled to speak Tuesday night before presidential debate
France, Nov. 2012: international demonstration for the ban of foie gras
Slaughterhouse protest highlights World Farm Animal Day observance
Animal-welfare group releases video of Pa. pigeon shoot
The Video that Must End Pigeon Shoots: SHARK to Hold Press Conference this Wednesday
Being Vegan -- This Is War
Man Cages Himself in Shelter to Raise Awareness on Abandoned Animals
UGA students paid to watch animal cruelty video
Update: The People v. Camille Marino
California Activists Protest for Animal Rights
September 2012
Mass Rally for Animals, New York
Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets
Making Vegan a New Normal
NAALPO Sept 2012 Newsletter
Eugene Mayor Declares Vegan Awareness Weekend
Vegan Feud and HSUS
(US/ga) Animal Activists Protest Outside Of Walmart
National Geographic Channel Drops Survivalist Over Animal Rights Complaints
August 2012
Leaked Document: ALF-Prevention And Security Manual For Fur Farms
(US/nv) Animal cruelty witness living in fear
Group protests at Fort Myers Walmart over animal cruelty
In Utah, Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200
Helping Hands
In Room 1212, grassroots activists defied corporate domination of AR movement
     rebuttal: Clearing the Air About FARM and AR2012
Helping Birds at Airports
(US/ca) Animal Rights Groups To Protest Foie Gras Eating Contest
The Final Nail - Now Featuring Canada
The Green Scare and What it Means For Activism
Thunder Bay Animal Services - July 2012
Has Cruelty to Animals Become the Social Norm? - July 2012
July 8: Day of Outrage in Gainesville - 6/12
Undercover investigations group Mercy for Animals to go international - 6/12
Enough Compassion to Go Around - June 2012
Compassion For All, Not Just the Endangered - June 2012
Group stands on guard for geese throughout city parks - June 2012
Ducklings Saved from Building Ledge - May 2012
Protesters arrested at Emory University after demanding research chimp's release to sanctuary - May 2012
Rights group aims to stop killing of Canada GMO pigs - May 2012
Protest Against UVA Medical School - May 2012
(US/ca) Animal Rights Group Shows Video At Second Saturday - May 2012
(US/md/wa) FARM takes new track in animal rights activism - May 2012
Do You Want to Make History? - May 2012
ARAs trying to save animals at testing facility in Chandler - May 2012
Lawsuit vs Texas Policeman Who Shot Caged Bobcat to Death - May 2012
Shocking people into going vegan? Massive "hot dog" balloon has nothing on bloody chicken pictures - May 2012
ARAs Protesting Gillibrand's Proposal To Kill Geese Near JFK - May 2012
(US) Animal rights activists have it their way - April 2012
Lush animal testing protest Woman subjected experiments horrified shoppers - April 2012
AR group calls for investigation of Alice research facility after monkey deaths - April 2012
Lush Cosmetics and Humane Society International Launch Global Campaign To End Cosmetics Testing on Animals - April 2012
Animal rights at the circus: TheDC puts activists' claims to the test - April 2012
May 2: Protest at Courthouse Against Dog Torture at Wayne State University - April 2012
Battle to Free Truck Stop Tiger Continues - April 2012
Delaware River Keeper sues Phil. Gun Club over pigeon shoots - 4 / 2012
(US/ca) Chef Sued Over False Advertising of Foie Gras - April 2012
Museum To Offer Paintings Of Euthanized Dogs - April 2012
Save the Rhino, or not, but at lest sign the petition - March 2012
Activists slam meat producers - March 2012
Harvard Kills Primates demo, Sunday, 03-25-2012 - March 2012
Pigeon Shooters Exposed: Operation Bright Light - March 2012
Silence of the Chicks - March 2012
Sea Shepherd Activists Confront Japanese Whaling Vessel Nisshin Maru Near Antarctica - March 2012
Claim: New Video Shows Abuse Inside New Memphis Animal Shelter - March 2012
New York City Animal Shelters - March 2012
Animal rights activist accused of writing blog posts calling for death of Wayne State researcher - March 2012
(US/sc) FMU ARAs meet Ringling Bros. Circus - Feb 2012
Merrillville ARA working to save pets involved in fires - Feb 2012
ARA's Plan Protest at Riverside McDonald's - Feb 2012
Cats Disappearing in Long Beach, California - Feb 2012
How to Stop Dog Fighting - Feb 2012
State police raid Wyoming County NY SPCA - Feb 2012
Discussion: The Arrest of Camille Marino - Feb 2012
Sea Shepherd Crewmember knocked into frigid Antarctic waters by Japanese Water Cannon - Feb 2012
(US/ky) Protesters Line Streets Near Shrine Circus - Feb 2012
(US/sc) Animal rights group criticizes magazine - Feb 2012
Sue Coe Tells Spencer Museum to Cancel Cruel Slaughter Exhibit - Feb 2012
Please Support Camille Marino - February 2012
Rescuing the Bird Many Love to Hate - February 2012
Foie gras fight far from over - January 2012
Where's the legal line drawn in animal-rights activism? - Jan 2012
Judge orders UF to give ARA records on primates - Jan 2012
ARAs protest Everett biomedical lab - Jan 2012
In Defense Of Animals Wins Landmark Injunction To Stop Deer Massacre At Binghamton University - Dec 2011
ARAs and Commissioners Win One for the Circus Elephants in Margate - 12/11
It Takes Courage to Support Animals' Dignity - Dec 2011
Animal activist group to protest Pasadena company - Dec 2011
(US/nj) Animal activists fight gassing of geese in Ocean County - Dec 2011
AR group files complaint against Sparboe Farms - Dec 2011
Occupy Portland takes part in demos throughout Black Friday - Nov 2011
Protesters mark Fur Free Friday in San Luis Obispo - Nov 2011
AR group erects sign near Butterball headquarters urging people to go vegetarian - Nov 2011
ARA Yourofsky likens livestock to slaves - Nov 2011
Why (Even If You're Not for Non-Human Rights) You Should UN-OCCUPY Big-Ag - November 2011
SHARK Documents Unbelievably Vile "Tower Shoot" - 11/11
Hero Uses Pocket Knife to Free Trapped Lynx in Canadian Wilderness - 11/11
Activism Cancels Deer Hunt in Darien, CT - November 2011
A Chicago Area Protest Against Dolphin Slaughtering in Taiji Japan - Nov 2011
Activists Must Remain United Under the Banner of Ending Animal Suffering - November 2011
Occupy Wall Street: The Interconnected Movement for Social Justice - 10/11
Keith Olbermann reads Occupy Wall St Statement which includes animal concerns - October 2011
Five Reasons Why ARAs Should Occupy Wall Street - October 2011
ARAs demonstrate outside MPI Research in Mattawan - Oct 2011
Protesters gather in Helena to protest wolf hunt - October 2011
70 Malls Across US To Ban Pet Sales - October 2011
Irvine Bans Retail Dog and Cat Sales, Rodeos and Circuses with Exotic Animals - October 2011
(US/pa) Animal rights group's whistleblower complaint claims Princeton labs mistreat animals - 9/11
(US/or) Animal rights protesters block ODFW building - 9/11
Animal-rights group protests at Penn - 9/11
Sea Shepherd Prevents Pilot Whale Bloodshed in the Faeroe Islands - 9/11
Disturbing pigeon display in Redpath Museum in Montreal - Sept 2011
ARA Arrested at Gunpoint at Marine Center in Florida - Sept 2011
'Flexitarians' driving global move away from meat consumption: study - September 2011
The Puppy Mill Project - September 2011
PA Pigeon Shooting Video - September 2011
West Hollywood is Fur Free - September 2011
Is Anyone Enforcing the Animal Welfare Act? - August 2011
Animal rights group takes new tack versus Sandlin - August 2011
80 Monkeys Saved From Laboratory - August 2011
Jail Time Yields a Clash on Vegetarian Meals - 8/11
US Activists Call for Yet Another Boycott of Barnum and Bailey Circus - 8/11
Stopping the Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoot - August 2011
Paul Watson is in danger of losing his boat - July 2011
Anti-whaling group to make frequent visits to isles during Faroese campaign - July 2011
Sea Shepherd trade blows at whaling meet - July 2011
Agitate to Liberate Lovelace Lab Animals - July 2011
"Vegan Mafia" Joins Fight To Feed Homeless - July 2011
Cataldi transformed trashed area into a wildlife sanctuary - 6/11
The two fur farms most raided by the A.L.F. both go out of business - 6/11
Measures to stop livestock taping stall in USA - 6/11
Ethical Veganism Doesn't Help Animals - 6/11
Sea Shepherd Activists, Tuna Fishermen Battle In Libyan Waters - 6/11
First Animal Rights Day in New York City - June 2011
Factory Farm Investigations Mapped - May 2011
UW student helps bring first vegan food festival to Madison - May 2011
Festival gets groovy to raise animal-rights awareness - May 2011
Rough Start for Primate Products' 4-day Workshop - May 2011
SHARK - Operation Bright Light Continues - 5/2011
Animal Liberationists Renew Threats Against Primate Vivisectors - 5/2011
Activists End Live Bird Sales at San Francisco's Farmers' Market! - 5/2011
SHARK's "Operation Bright Light" - May 2011
Activists protest against animal research during World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week - April 2011
Animal activists score victory against foie gras with major hotel - April 2011
Cattle Futures Affected by Video - April 2011
Are pigeon shoots on the way out? - April 2011
Graphic Animal Rights Film from Mercy for Animals Playing at Jacksonville Beach - April 2011
IFAW Documents Unacceptable Cruelty During 2011 Seal Hunt - April 2011
Fur Farmer Describes ALF Raid - April 2011
Animal research fight gets increasingly violent - April 2011
WAR: Stand up & Speak Out for NYC Horses - March 2011
The SHARK Video You Weren't Supposed to See - March 2011
Successes of Anti-Vivisection Activists - March 2011
Univ. of Utah Ends Shelter Purchases for Vivisection - March 2011
One-Quarter of Biologists Affected by ARAs - Feb 2011
Gunman Accosts, Threatens SHARK President - Feb 2011
Johns Hopkins under fire for using animals in doctor training - Feb 2011
Hawaii Teens Take Stand to Stop Animal Abuse - Feb 2011
WAR Returns to the Hack Line - Feb 2011
Silencing the Lambs - response, response to response, etc.
Charles River Lab Protest Feb 26, 2011
WAR Launches Operation - Put a Little Love-1 - Sled Dogs-2
     Carriage Horses -3
Steven Best on Revolution in 21st Century, part 1; Revolution, part 2
Celebrities Pledge Support to ADI's Lion Rescue - Feb 2011
Vegan Wolf Tribe - Jan 2011
Stop Millions of Songbird Deaths - Jan 2011
Sea Shepherd E-News Jan 13, 2011
Factory Farm Locations - Jan 2011
Bison Video Now on YouTube - Jan 2011
Animal rights campaigner claims he was sacked for his views on fox hunting
Hit the Open Road at Bohemian Friday
Pigeon Shoot Cowards Shoot Down Aircraft - Corrupt Authorities Do Nothing
2010 Wins for Animals
nyc animal contacts
ARAs Protest Live Poultry Market
A.L.F.-Raided Fur Farm Confirmed Closed by Anonymous Tipster
Operation: Twelve Days of Xmas 2010 - Day 1
    2 of 12 Days of Xmas - How Much is That Puppy in the Window
    3 of 12 Days of Xmas - Don't Leave NYC Animals Out in the Cold
    12 Days of Xmas 2010 - NY Day 4
    Twelve Days of Xmas - Day 5 - ASPCA
    12 Days of Xmas: Day 6 - In Recognition of Grass Roots Activism by FAUN
    12 Days of Xmas - Day 7: In Memory of Lucy, Oreo, Max and Parrot
    12 Days Xmas, Day 8: Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?
    12 Days Xmas 2010, Day 12
TV News Shows Deer Killing - Dec 2010
SHARK Rescues 21 Wounded Birds After Horrific Live Pigeon Shoot - Dec 2010
     SHARK on Pigeon Shoots
Banned animal rescuers sue Hempstead - Dec 2010
Goldman Sachs Sues to Stop Protests - Dec 2010
Project Dog House Before Winter
Japanese Tea Maker Stops Animal Testing
Pigeon Hunt Exposed on CNN
Disney World Trades McDonald's for Vegan Cupcakes - Nov 2010
Pigeon Shoot - SHARK - undercover, November 2010
Scientists, ARAs Meet in San Diego - November 2010
Top Ten Reasons To Protest Harvard Saturday! - November 2010
Help Keep No-Kill in KC Alive - November 2010
Hawaii Teens Take Stand to Stop Animal Abuse - November 2010
Fur Farm Nov. 2010 Supplement - November 2010
Canberra Protest Over Dolphin Hunts - October 2010
Fur Farm Intelligence Unit Communique #3 - October 2010
Circus met with animal rights protests - October 2010
Of Resistance and Fighting for the First Amendment - Sept 2010
Earth Day. December 5, 2010 - Sept 2010
Jason Miller Takes on KU Med Center - Sept 2010
Beagle Freedom: Over 100 Beagles Rescued from Animal Testing Lab - 8/'10
Saving Billy - 8/2010
Monsanto's No-So-Veiled Threats - historical
Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks - July 2010
Mazor Farm - Call for Action - July 2010
New SHARK blog - June 2010
Biteclub: Combat Cruelty - June 2010
Support Animal Freedom Day, July 24 - June 2010
Animal rights activists are making strides with new tactics - June 2010
WAR Launches New Campaign : Agitate to Liberate - June 2010
Protestors Still Against Vick in 2010 - May 2010
Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality Exposed - May 2010
Sticker Idea for Caged Animals
Decrying KU Meds Perverse Obsession With Torturing Animals - May 2010
Minks Pose Threats to Pets - May 2010
Animal advocates raise ire of farmers - May 2010
Ivory Door Handles on Yacht "Eclipse" in Germany - May 2010
Hunter Claims Harassment - April 2010
Pet Store / Shopping Center Poster - April 2010
Call-in In Support of Minneapolis Fur Protesters - March 2010
Fliers Strike at Root of Animal Abuse - Get Your Supply - March 2010
Dog Lovers Pay Trespassing Fine for Animal Advocate - March 2010
Andy Stepanian - Interview - March 2010
Vegetarian "In-Your-Face" Tactics - March 2010
ARiAs - Animal Rights Impatient Activists
Steps You Can Take to Stop Expansion of Bear Hunting in California - Feb '10
ARAs to Leaflet UCLA Vivisector Kid's School - Feb 2010
Are You a Domestic Terrorist? - Feb 2010
Bite Club Leader Jason Miller Fights Against Speciesism - Feb 2010
Vegetarian's War on Duck Terror - Feb 2010
Macabre Face of Murder - Bite Club Demo Report - Feb 2010
Shelby Townsend Fights for Animal Rights - Feb 2010
NJ AR Group vs Geese Killing - Feb 2010
Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside Fur Shop - Feb 2010
Deer Protestor from Bite Club KC Arrested - Feb 2010
50 actions for the abolition of meat - Feb 2010
KU Med Center - January 2010
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (G.A.H.C) - January 2010
Because We Must... - January 2010
Band of Mercy - Los Angeles - January 1, 2010
The Blueprint - update - Dec 28, 2009
Twelve Days of Xmas - 2009
Los Angeles Demo Vs HLS, November 7, 8, 11
Michigan Protestors vs Primate Experimentation
Pray Vigil for Non-human Primates
A Civil Action Against Moral Barbarians - Dec 09
Boycott KPFA - Dec 09
Christmas Card from the Deer You Murdered - Dec 09
'Funeral motorcade' for Shawnee Mission Park deer - Dec 09
Interview with Jason Miller by Counter Currents - Dec 09
Taking the Deer Wars into the Courtroom - Dec 09
Student honored for refusing dissection assignment - Nov 09
Rabbit Breeder Almost Gave up Business Due to ARAs - Nov 09
Portland ARAs Campaign Against Fur - Nov 09
Fur-Free Friday Protest Video - Nov 09
ARAs Step Up Their Campaign Against Ungar Furs - Nov 09
Slaughterhouse Vigil - Nov 09
Rabbit Breeder Almost Gave up Business Due to ARAs - Nov 09
Shocked and Appalled: Deer Park II? - Miller
Death Park Slaughterer: "We euthanized 312 deer in 3 nights" - Miller
Jason Miller - Missouri Activist - November 2009
Candlelight Vigil in Memory of Animal Liberator Barry Horne - November 5, 2009

Lawsuit vs. Petland, November 2009

Puppy Mill Lawsuit against Petland and 100 John Doe _2009.pdf

SM Park Deer; DEATH PARK, KS: In Cold Blood Redux- US, October 2009

SM Deer Park - US, October 2009

"In the face of unspeakable evil, is it even possible for me to go too far?" - Jason Miller

A new animal-rights group is pledging to defend the deer in Shawnee Mission Park. - August 2009

Once Boycotted ESCADA Files Bankruptcy - August 2009

AR Conference 2009 - July

2009 Fur On Decline - August 2009

The Olympian - comments at full story link

Dear EarthTalk: How is the fur industry doing these days? Has it been impacted by activism from PETA and similar groups? Clara Andrews, Edmonds

An accurate source of up-to-date numbers is hard to come by, but its safe to say that the fur industry has been hurt by the ongoing and visible anti-fur campaign sometimes featuring top supermodels by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other animal rights groups.

Whether or not activist efforts are the cause, the governments of the United Kingdom and Austria have banned fur farming in their countries altogether, while the Netherlands has phased out fox and chinchilla farming.

The U.S. has not taken any action against the industry, but the number of mink farms in the U.S. has plummeted from 1,027 in 1988 to fewer than 300 today, according to Weekly International Fur News.

full story:

Lab breeders, 2008 (.pdf file) Write them with your opinion

Hunt Sabbing

Hunt Sabs - HSA history. Strategic Non-violence.


Writing, Social Change, and Revolution (Adobe pdf file) - Edward Sanders

Pet store cruelty:ProtestingTake ActionBird MillsRabbit Mills

The SS Persia - Ship or Nazi? by Asananda X.

Animals in Disasters - Issues for Animal Liberation Activism and Policy
formatted in MS Word

ADL-LA's Four-Pronged Attack: No-Kill Solutions

PA Puppy Mills -- Produced by an undercover animal-rights investigator hired by Bob Baker, a longtime animal advocate and a member of an ad hoc committee advising Gov. Rendell on the problem of puppy mills in Pennsylvania.

Abuse by State -- the Five best States in the US to be an animal abuser.

AR2005 Selected Recordings

AR 2004 Conference
Workshop Speeches in .mp3 format at 16 kbs
Armchair Activism 4.58 Mb (40 minutes)
Commonality of Oppression 5.15 Mb (45 minutes)
Compassion into Action 15.3 Mb (2 hours 13 minutes)
Getting Attention 4.94 Mb (43 minutes)
Waging Effective Campaigns 5.51 Mb (48 minutes)
Choosing a Career approx. 5Mb (45 minutes)
Enacting Protective Laws approx. 5Mb (45 minutes)
Engaging Business approx. 5Mb (45 minutes)
Engaging Politicians approx. 5Mb (45 minutes)
Engaging the Community approx. 5Mb (45 minutes)
Engaging Youth approx. 5Mb (45 minutes)

Fur Free Friday Demonstrations, 2007 - videos

Covance War - July 2007

International AR Day, December 10, 2006

Liberation Now - download video as an .flv file

Liberacion animal

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download as an .flv file

Hillary Rettig's 2006 book, The Lifelong Activist, outlined at gives insightful tips on organizing your activist lifestyle.

Quick fact from PETA: Convincing 100 people to give up poultry and fish saves as many animals as convincing 99 people to go vegan.

International AR Day Action Guide

August 2007. SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction requiring the Oakland Coliseum to allow two animal rights activists to videotape animals being brought into the Ringling Brothers Circus. The circus's performances begin Thursday and run through Aug. 19 at the Oracle Arena portion of the coliseum.

The order by U.S. Judge Marilyn Patel allows Joseph Cuviello and Deniz Bolbol of Redwood City to videotape elephants and other animals from the landing of the coliseum's north ramp.

Cuviello and Bolbol, who are members of Citizens for Cruelty-Free Entertainment, say they want to make the videos to educate the public and support any complaints they may make to law enforcement agencies and the media about alleged abuse. Bolbol said on Tuesday, "Having the right to gather information and document on videotape the treatment of animals is essential to exercising our free speech."

full story:

The lives of many animals are in your hands

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