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Worldwide Animal Liberation March August 24, 2013

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Activists, first in Israel, and now across the world, are organizing an animal liberation solidarity demonstration/march on August 24. (See below for specific city information.)

The principles of the demonstration are:

- We are all Earthlings...
- We have been made blind to the violence against our fellow Earthlings, in food, clothing, entertainment, research, and as "pets"
- We will open our eyes, and unite against this violence, not as members of any particular organization, not even as members of the species homo sapiens, but, first and foremost, as Earthlings

Please contact us via facebook if you would like your event to be added to this page, or if you need help in organizing a demonstration or march!

Two suggestions for your local action, to make for stronger visuals:

1. Have an image or text showing that we are EARTHLINGS.
2. Have BLINDFOLDS at your demo and using the language "BLIND TO INJUSTICE."


As an example, the San Francisco Bay Area march will start at Union Square, and march down Market Street, one of the busiest streets in the city. We will stop at five locations, each representing one terrifying example of the problem of animal exploitation.

- Louis Vuitton (for taking the skins of our friends)
- US Bank (for financing the torture of animals in labs)
- Senator Feinstein's office (for sponsoring the AETA, and turning protecting our companion animals into "terrorism")
- McDonald's (for turning our fellow Earthlings into food)
- City Hall (for permitting the abuse of entertainment animals)

At each stop, a set of individuals with black blindfolds, and the black Earthlings T-Shirt, will perform a simple, choreographed ceremony. We will hold up the sign of an individual victim of bigotry and violence, and a speaker will say a few short words about her life and story. A line of blindfolded activists will stand in a line, holding simple signs over their heads that ask, "BLIND TO INJUSTICE?" We will then remove our blindfolds, and open our eyes, and the public's, to the violence that happens behind closed doors. And to our kinship with our fellow Earthlings.

We will stay at each stop for 5-10 minutes, and speak in one voice, for the animals.

At the last stop, the grandiose City Hall of San Francisco (which has notoriously ignored its own reports about animal abuse), we will have all the activists in black blindfolds and t shirts, gather in a square grid, in front of city hall. They will hold placards over their heads, that ask, "BLIND TO INJUSTICE?"

We are planning one rehearsal before the actual march.

This plan can be revised and adopted to suit your particular space and number of activists. Even if you have only two people, have one person hold a sign that says, "BLIND TO INJUSTICE?", and another person can take photographs, at five locations representing the five industries of violence.


We highly suggest contacting media about this event, and making sure that you take good pictures and video. (We would also greatly appreciate if you sent any links to galleries or videos to Remember, the enduring impact of a protest, in media (both mainstream and social), often far outweighs its direct impacts!

This is an intersectional and coalitional march that will unite the local, national, and international animal rights communities! We will speak loudly and proudly, in one strong voice, on behalf of our friends who suffer behind closed doors.

Thousands are already expected at the march in Tel Aviv!

We will be distributing English-language press kits a week or so before the protest. These should be delivered to local media outlets one day before the protest, then the day of, as well.

Posters, t-shirts, and leaflets are on their way out -- see the pinned post below. We will not be able to mail these, since this is a grassroots effort -- just digital files. However, do-it-yourself signs are often the best!

PARTICIPATING CITIES (check back for updates):

Albany, NY (

Bend, Oregon (

Brussels, Belgium (

Cambridge, UK (

Chicago (

Costa Rica (

Dublin, Ireland (

Leeds, UK (

London, UK (

Los Angeles (

Munich, Germany (

New York City (

New York Upstate Goshen (

Phoenix (

Prague, Czech Republic (

Sacramento (

San Francisco Bay Area (

Santiago, Chile (

Seattle (

Sweden (

Virginia Beach, VA ( more

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