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Why we do what we do

Jul 19, 2010
Subject: Why we do what we do
In an effort to raise awareness I am asking that this video/slide show be shared to as many as you can.  There are NO bad pics, no disturbing images, no horror story or other "bad" reporting in this.  These are only glorious family pics with a very powerful message to our media.  Today, I wrote to CBS regarding David Letterman's recent outburst about Pit Bulls on a live airing of The Tonight Show starring Kyra Sedgewick.  I included this slide show to CBS and their response has yet to come but I do look forward to hearing what they have to say.  

If you would like more info on this statement and how you can contact CBS, please let me know and I will send the link to you.  I know that not all of you on this email know really what it is that we advocate so this is my way of showing you "the softer side". But most of brutality done to these breeds is due to sloppy media reporting adding to an onslaught of horrid owners.  Because of media people DO now obtain these breeds for the sole purpose of harming them because they are "vicious."  It's time media sees that we mean business and are getting the word out on the damage they are causing.  What you hear on the news is not what is factual about these dogs.  This is why we advocate.  Thank you for your time today :) 

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