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Wetland Destruction in Urbana New York

March 1, 2015

On March 12, the town of Urbana in N.Y. state located on Keuka lake (Corning NY area) will be deciding on giving a building permit to East lake Developers to build a 3 story hotel. The property was a former factory that was owned by a town councilmen. The property is on the edge of the buffer for a wetland. I had asked if the ground was polluted from the factory and they said the chemicals went into the wetlands years ago because of the high water table.

They have no town sewer so they may need up to an acre for a proposed raised bed septic. I think all the waste will end up in the wetlands then the lake. I heard that a micro brewery next to the property has to pump theirs up hill because it will not leach. The whole area at one time was under water and I do not know how parts were filled in and not part of the wetland. I feel the hotel will have a bad impact on the wetland but all the town boards love the project.

I could use any help I can get to try and stop it. Contact me at [email protected]

Wade Stopka

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