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Walmart Killing Wetlands in Tigard Oregon

Hello Fellow Activist,

My name is Shawna although I go by Star. I am an animal activist and have been for over ten years and my current fight is an action that myself and several other activist have going against Walmart trying to build on a beautiful stretch of wetlands in Tigard, Oregon right off of Dartmouth St. I know you are all very busy, so I very much appreciate your time in even reading this. If you have any advice for me or are able to get some of your local activists involved, that would be so amazing. The online petition against it is

They want to break ground this month and have already moved in their equipment. They plan to fill in one of the ponds on the wetlands where beavers, ducks, geese and many other innocent animals make their homes. My facebook page contains some evidence of the actions we are performing to stop them

Here is the facebook page dedicated to the action itself

We would all be super honored and appreciative of any help you guys could offer. Thank you so much for you time and the work that you do.

Shawna (Star) Stauffer

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