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SHARK Documents Unbelievably Vile "Tower Shoot"


For a year now SHARK has documented horrifically cruel live pigeon shoots at the Wing Pointe canned hunting dump in Berks County, PA. On Sunday November 13, SHARK was at Wing Pointe for another pigeon shoot - but this time it was a "Tower Shoot."

Tower Shoots differ dramatically from regular pigeon shoots. In regular shoots, pigeons are placed in small boxes and mechanically launched into the air, where one shooter fires at them. At Tower Shoots, a small wood structure, the tower, is in the center of a field. Surrounding it, in a large circular pattern, are about 13 small stations where pigeon shooters wait. At the tower, a man releases a crate of pigeons at a time, so that a dozen or so birds are thrown into the air - and then mercilessly fired upon from all sides.

Pigeons being thrown out of the tower by a man hiding within. One of the shooting stations is seen to the right.

Whichever direction they fly they face a hail of gunfire from one of the shooting stands. These poor birds will often fly in a circle, desperately trying to escape, yet finding no way out of the hellish ring of fire. It is torture in every way.

After a while, a number of the birds realized the

This piece of garbage violently kicked wounded birds that were lying in the grass.

safest place to be was at the tower itself, as no one was firing there. This proved to be a temporary safe haven, for when the shoot was over, the loathsome gang of shooters lined up and walked through the field, randomly shooting and wounding dozens of birds. It was a blood-soaked horror where shooters kicked wounded pigeons and shot them a few feet in front of them. This was no "clean-up" of wounded birds - this was a debauched revelry of death, and we are sure they left dozens of wounded and crippled birds behind.

The massacre after the shoot was over. In a final surge of blood lust, the shooters randomly shot and killed the exhausted birds that had
We will soon release a video exposing this horror for what it was. In the meantime, meet all the empty-souled pigeon shooters who laughed and smiled as they committed heinous acts of cruelty.

We were able to videotape all the participants, and most of their vehicles. A number of them were from New York and New Jersey - a few from Pennsylvania. We'll be looking into who they are and exposing their cruelty for the world to see.

The Philadelphia Gun Club's Big Plan Backfires

In our last update, we mentioned how the notorious Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) had built a huge, ugly wall around the riverfront side of their property to keep SHARK from watching when they shot pigeons.

The PGC went much farther than that; they built a long stockade like fence surrounding their property including an electronic gate on the driveway. They even put up a bunch of these signs, which seem to suggest that they are really scared of our presence.

Now bear in mind that all this is meant to protect the identities of the slimy and foul shooters who slaughter pigeons at the PGC. These are wealthy and prominent people who want to kill and kill without anyone knowing about it. Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Last Saturday, the PGC must have felt very secure behind their fences and wall, and so they had a pigeon shoot. SHARK was there.

Now here's the funny part: All that preparation and literally tens of thousands of dollars they spent to build a fortress to protect the identity of the shooters backfired. Why? Because of the gate blocking the entrance to the main road, the shooters had to sit there, waiting for it to open, as if they were posing for a portrait.

Just like this loser (If he wants an 8x10 to show his friends and family how he enjoys slaughtering small defenseless animals, we'll send him one for free).

We got a lot of pictures of faces and license plates of shooters from that day - except for the one guy who was really scared and had his jacket hanging out of his trunk and over his plate. But we have his face.

Thanks PGC - you made our mission of identifying pigeon shooters infinitely easier!

By the way, if you are going to put in an automatic gate, you really need to show people how to use it. We have video of one guy who sat too long at the open fence - and as he approached it nearly shut right on his truck.

D'oh! Another second and this guy would have crashed into the gate as it closed on him. And they let people like this shoot guns???

As you can see, it was a busy weekend for pigeon shoots, but SHARK had it covered. We will be there when the killing starts - we hope you will be there to help support our efforts.

PA Residents - Visit Your Legislators in Person

The latest of many previous bills to ban pigeon shoots - SB 626 has been stalled since last spring. Action is needed to bring this bill to vote NOW to ban pigeon shoots.

PA residents, in addition to emailing and calling your legislators, please go to the capitol and/or your legislators' regional offices and politely - but firmly demand that SB626 be brought to a vote NOW! Let your legislator know this is a priority issue that has gone on far too long and you want action NOW to stop it!

Please let us know what response you get from your legislator. This is very important.

We are starting to expose individual legislators who are against the pigeon shoot ban. See our video of PA Senator Jeffrey Piccola - a strong supporter of live pigeon shoots. We offered him a chance to respond, but he chose not to.
PA Senator Jeffery Piccola Supports Animal Cruelty

PA Senator Jeffery Piccola Supports Animal Cruelty

You can find out who your PA legislators are on this LINK

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team
"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society. Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

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