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Prayer Vigil for 120,000 Non-human Primates Imprisoned in U.S. Laboratories

As National Primate Liberation Week 2009 comes to a close, we have one more event that everyone can participate in. In conjunction with the  website, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! is coordinating a National Prayer Vigil for the 120,000 primates that suffer and die in laboratory and breeding facilities for the purpose of experimentation. This vigil also addresses the related issues of primate imprisonment for entertainment and other reasons.

This event provides a means for everyone to be involved in this issue in a positive way. We hope that this will broadcast a message to the world that people from all segments of society are opposed to the exploitation of primates, and all animals, for any reason whatsoever.

We also believe that this event helps to articulate a vision of what our world should be -- a place where all beings can live together without exploitation or enslavement. We look forward to a day when the separation between the many species who inhabit the earth is recognized as illusory and their exploitation is ended once and for all.

This vigil is designed so that everyone can participate and it is totally non-denominational. Just as we believe that all living beings are sacred and equal; we also believe in the inherent right to, and the necessity of, religious freedom.

Please come to  or  to participate in this vigil today October 24th, tomorrow October 25th, and in the future.

This event is being launched today at 5 PM (PST) with an in-person vigil at the University of California, Los Angeles. For more information on this event please go to:

Please join us for this important national vigil event as we continue to speak out for the 120,000 macaque monkeys, marmosets, baboons, lemurs, squirrel monkeys, owl monkeys, chimpanzees, and all other innocent primates who are confined in laboratories.

With Respect for All Life,

Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T.,
Executive Director, SAEN

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